70+ Zayn Malik Haircut Ideas that Will Make You Irresistible

He has been a member of one of the most successful boy bands of all time. He already has several coveted awards in the music industry under his belt. Also, he is seen by many as a true music sensation to come out of his generation. But he was also ranked as one of the sexiest men in the world by different publications and sources for years on end even though he is still so young. Can you guess whom we’re talking about? Zayn of course! Zayn Malik haircut styles to be more precise.

Not only that but we’ll be tackling his entire styling history, a long and comprehensive list of the best Zayn Malik haircut ideas, how to get them, how to style them, and if they look good on you or not. Get ready because this is no pillow talk. We’re shouting it from the rooftops! Zayn Malik has the best hair in the biz, and we’re here to copy it!


Let’s Talk about Zayn!

First of all, let’s talk a little bit about Zayn! Mostly because we love him so much but also because understanding his trajectory will help us better understand his choices when it comes to hairstyles.

Zayn’s real name is Zain Javadd Malik. But he goes by the mononym Zayn as his stage name. He was born is Bradford, England and rose to fame when he auditioned for the show The X Factor in 2010 when he was just 17.

What few people know or remember today is that Zayn was initially eliminated from the competition. They didn’t consider him good enough to perform as a soloist or as a lead vocalist. However, one of the judges had the idea of bringing him back along with four other teenage boys.

Together, they would form a boy band called One Direction so that they could compete on the X Factor. No one knew at that point in time that that the group would go on to be one of the biggest bands in music history and that Malik himself would become one of the biggest superstars on the planet.

But it did. For five years, One Direction dominated the entire world in a way nobody had seen since the Beatle Mania. However, in 2015, Zayn, aged 22, announced his desire to leave the band because he was unable to cope with the stress anymore. He also officially stated at that time that his reason was that he wanted a normal life.

The years that followed up until present day have seen Malik put out a series of albums such as Icarus Falls and Mind of Mine. Although they have been welcomed by the public in general and especially by his fans, none of his work has come close to what he achieved while he was within One Direction.

Zayn Malik Blonde Strand

Here’s a Zayn Malik haircut for you from his One Direction days. He had plenty of those and they were marvelous. There have been quite a few rumors circulating over the years that the boys were very strictly managed during their time in the band. This means that they had to wear certain clothes, not dye their hair, get only pre-approved haircuts, and never grow a beard unless they got permission to do so.

It all had to do with the image that the band was trying to project. Which means they had to be very presentable, put together, and ‘boyfriend material’ so to say. We don’t know if that is true or if those are just rumors. But it’s definitely easy to see how someone with a rebel heart as Zayn was trying to bend the rules in this pic.

Even though he followed the rules that might have been imposed onto him, the singer still managed to squeeze in a platinum blonde strand right at the front. In later years, that strand would turn into a platinum blonde buzz cut and a full on blonde set of spikes.

Zayn Malik Haircut, Style, and Fashion

There is a lot to unpack when it comes to the whole Zayn Malik haircut, fashion choices, and style ideals. To begin with, he was always known as the ‘bad boy,’ even back in his boy band days. That was mostly due to his ever growing number of tattoos, his disregard for the rules, and his provocative haircuts. Even though the members of the band were supposed to look like squeaky clean teenage boys that you could take home and introduce to your parents. You can definitely see that the Zayn Malik haircut look book hasn’t changed one bit.

But Zayn has also invested a lot of his bad boy persona into fashion as well. He has collaborated with Giuseppe Zanotti, an Italian footwear brand, which resulted in his very own collection in 2017. But his most important contribution to fashion and style in general has been his Versus Versace Campaign from the same year which featured Malik prominently.

As a resulted of that campaign, Donatella Versace, the house’s chief designer has appointed Zayn as the creative designer for a capsule collection for both men and women. The collection is called Zayn x Versus, and it launched in May 2017. Are you ready for more? Because Zayn doesn’t seem to be slowing down when it comes to fashion. The singer has also designed a line of backpacks for Kooples.

Zayn Malik Haircut Blonde Buzz

In his crusade to try as many non-conventional hair colors as possible after he left One Direction, Zayn Malik also went blonde for a while. And it was a good thing that he did because he just looks stunning. There is absolutely no doubt that blonde hair complements him amazingly well.

Seeing as the singer has olive skin and caramel brown eyes, the soft, almost yellow blonde he went for highlighted both these features in a marvelous way. Not to mention the fact that we just can’t get over how amazing Zayn looks in a buzz cut. This was one Zayn Malik haircut for the books!

Zayn Malik Haircut Ideas

Now that we know all there is to know about this talented singer who was also named ‘The Sexiest Male in Pop’ in 2015, let’s take a look at some of his best and most iconic haircuts over the years.

Zayn Malik Pink Hair

After leaving One Direction, the singer was keen on distancing himself from his days in the boy band as much as possible. In other words, he wanted to ditch the ‘vanilla’ look all the boys were supposed to have while within the band itself.

There have been rumors out there saying that, while in One Direction, none of the teenagers were allowed to make personal grooming decisions such as deciding on their own haircuts or the color of their hair. All the members were supposed to represent a certain type of young adult man. But the rule of thumb was that they were all meant to be clean and polished.

Therefore, Zayn in particular was denied the right to dye his hair another color or grow a beard for a long time while he was in the band. Of course, there is no way of knowing if all this is true or not. But one thing is certain. Once he was safely away from the boy band he claimed himself he ‘didn’t want to be in from the beginning,’ Zayn started taking chances with his hair. One of those chances was dying it in non-natural colors such as this peach pink shade.

Zayn Malik Top Knot

If you thought he wasn’t going to go for the hottest trend of the middle of the decade, you were so wrong! Of course he did. And here it is. The Zayn Malik haircut with a top knot. It’s fair to say that Zayn never grew his hair long enough to actually put it up in a man bun. He left that to his even more famous former band mate, Harry Styles. The Zayn Malik haircut that we got was the smallest and daintiest of top knots with an undercut, of course, what else? If you look closely, you will see that Zayn also didn’t opt for a sharp fade. He’s not a fan of those, as you will see later on as we analyze more Zayn Malik haircut styles.

Zayn Malik Buzz Cut

Is there anything that this man can’t wear? At first glance, seeing as Zayn has a very delicate face with graceful features so finely carved that they look almost feminine, one would think that a brutish, rough haircut such as the buzz cut couldn’t possibly look good on him. It would clash with his soft features and he might look like a little boy with an old man’s haircut.

Wrong! Zayn Malik has a perfect, oval face that can take any type of haircut out there. As a consequence, when matched with a buzz cut, instead of contrasting sharply with his features, the haircut opened them up. And we were all blessed with the beauty that is Zayn’s face. If you have a similar type of face, try the same Zayn Malik haircut. Let us know in the comment section how it worked out for you!

Zayn Malik Modern Pompadour

What do you get when you cross James Dean’s messy pompadour from the 50s, a fauxhawk, and a little mullet? A Zayn Malik haircut, of course! To be more precise, the hairstyle he wore to the American Music Awards where he also won. But the real object of interest for us here is his one of a kind hairstyle.

That night was absolutely unforgettable for one reason – the hair strand. We’ll forgive you if you don’t remember the incident. Or, better yet, the frenzy that was created around it. That just means you were not a Directioner or a teenage girl in general. Here’s the story.

Singer Zayn Malik walked the red carpet in this outfit and sporting the hairstyle we’ve just described. So far so good. But the one thing that was different was that one little strand of hair. You can see it hanging from his pomp at the front and down his forehead.

For some reason, all his fans and every single teenage girl in the world though it was impossibly attractive. And Twitter went wild. In fact, Zayn Malik’s single strand of hair was trending on Twitter for days after that. Plus, entire Instagram accounts were dedicated to it alone. It goes to show that even his hair is most famous than some people!

Zayn Malik Purple Spikes

Here’s another perfect example of Zayn playing with color. His departure from One Direction also meant freedom. The freedom to express himself in ways he could have never done if he had continued to be a member of the most famous boy band in the world.

And one of simplest ways in which the singer can express himself is through his styling and grooming choices. Which is fantastic for us because we get to see as many Zayn Malik haircut ideas as we want. You know, in case you need inspiration!

This is a medium haircut with an undercut in his natural, dark color. The most interesting part of the haircut is the top half. It’s very reminiscent of the hairstyle all the boys used to wear back in the 90s and the beginning of the 2000s. Zayn himself was born in 1993. Therefore, he is definitely too young to have worn this type of hairstyle himself when it was fashionable back then.

As a consequence, with him, it’s more of a styling choice given the fact that the 90s are back as a trend. An amazing thing about it is that he has chosen to personalize this haircut even further. He colored the 90s spikes in a soft, pastel mauve. Gorgeous!

What do you think about these Zayn haircut ideas?

Let us know in the comment section below what your favorite Zayn Malik haircut is and how you’re planning on wearing it yourself. Also, are you still a Directioner at heart or have you now changed your loyalties to one of the boys? Tell us in the comments!

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