40 Trendy Undercut Haircuts to Style

A good hairstyle is the best gift every man will give to himself. Apart from the designer costumes and shoes, the hair also needs care. That is the reason why you must endeavor to get a nice haircut.

There are many hairstyles out there for you to choose from. On the contrary, there is a tendency that you will find it hard making a choice from the lot. That is the reason why we have put together a list of varied undercut haircuts.

Why the Undercut?

We understand that you want to look good, and spotting a nice hairstyle is one of the ways to do that. With an undercut, it will be a smooth ride to a smart look. Coming back to our choice, it was basically because of the variations that are available on the cut.

If you do not have enough time on your hands, you will find it hard to visit the barber occasionally. This style has been in vogue for decades and is not going away anytime soon. If you are drawn to this hairstyle and want to recreate it on your next appointment with the barber, we have forty (40) collections to inspire you.

  • The Middle Part

The best feature of this style is the trendy look you tend to have after styling. Generally, the undercut haircut requires keeping the top long and parting either the center or the sides. You may also choose to slick back the top and buzz the sides and back. From a clearer view, that’s what we have here. There are enough strands at the top, the buzz at the sides, and a thick razor line parting the middle.

  • Medium Fringe

If you are not disposed to a messy haircut, the fringe hairstyle is what you should go for. To add some style, consider integrating it alongside the undercut. To make it creative, apply the buzz cut at the sides, through the crown, and down to the nape of the neck. Finish the top combing forward and styling with a gel.

Man Bun Style

This is a direct challenge to the women, and they might come for you. The man bun is a creative haircut that lets you weave your wavy strands into a ponytail. With the undercut hairstyle lurking at the corner, things can get a bit intriguing when you spot both styles. The secret to pulling off this look is to apply skin fades at the sides, weave the medium hair into an upward ponytail, and finish with a side part. You can also rock sideburns to compliment the look.

Wavy Quiff

If you are conversant with the quaff hairstyle, you will realize that it shares semblance with the messy and fringe haircuts. What we have here is a reinvention of the traditional format. It works best on wavy strands. Style and secure the top with a gel, apply a razor line at the side, keep skin fades close to the ears and complete with a well-trimmed beard.

Wavy Slicks

The slick back is the classic variation to the undercut. Many men prefer it to most other styles, and that’s we have it here to inspire you. If you have wavy hair and looking for the best haircut to tag along, try your hands on this and look dapper.

  • Artistic Impression

Take charge of your looks and get under the clipper for this unique hairstyle. There are lots of haircuts featured in this masterpiece, and you will surely love it when the barber is through. The low fades at the sides get an extra boost with the uniform parting that rock the side. The bun at the top secures the slicked-back hair and gives the face a natural look.

The Side Sweep

Throw some shades to the side and leave the parted sides in full glare. The style will be a good idea for men with blonde hair. If you don’t have such, you can get your hands on a good hair product and throw some color into the style.


Classic Man Bun

Sometimes, a small change in styling the hair can make a lot of difference. If you’ve got enough locks, it will be ideal to try your hands at the man bun. The variation we have entails slicking the strands backward and applying the fades at the sides.

  • Undercut + Artistic Lines

You will agree that creativity is the silver lining in every hairstyle. The style we’ve got here is a perfect way to make the undercut hairstyle look great. Apply low fades at the sides and back, then comb the top forward for a uniform look. The artistic line can move from the side and stop below the crown. This look is unique and you tend to stand out from your peers when you get it done.

  • The Taper Fade

If you are not a fan of the buzz taking a place at the sides of the head, you can settle for the taper fade-inspired cut. The unassuming style makes a good pair for the undercut, and it will be hard differentiating one from another. You might also consider sideburns to add some glamour to your looks.

  • The Clean Cut

This style aims at bringing out the unique look that comes with the undercut hairstyle. The barber has to scale three steps to pull this off – skin fades at the sides, low fade just above it and the wavy strands on top. Side parting can feature at the sides to compliment the looks.

  • The Large Sweeps

The strands do not have to cover the face or maintain a single file at the top. Sometimes, it is vital to throw in some variations to make it unique. The longer sweeps are exquisite and the best pick for men that are blessed with long locks. Pull to a side and apply the skin and low fades to maintain all-around clean look the sides and back.

  • High Top + Fades

Make the best out of your long locks. Direct the barber to trim the top to medium, and compensate the sides with the taper fade. In addition, you can apply some color to the sides and connect the strands to the sideburns busting out at the sides.

Long Hair + Beard

Do not keep the long locks to stay on the head without putting forth any good tidings. Recreate it into something and the take the style we have here as inspiration. There is no doubt that you will pull off a great look when the voluminous top correlates with the faded sides and a full beard.

Medium Length Hair

Take a break from the high top hairstyles and try something low. The medium length haircut is a good pick for you. Not only do you get a neat cut but can also apply a matte finish to complete the look. It won’t be a bad idea to rock sideburns.

  • Hard Part

Dominate the circle with the amazing hard part hairstyle. The undercut makes many impressions here, as we can see the signature cut making the rounds with a skin fade. The hard part comes a few inches after the sides to create a dignified look.

The Short Cut

It doesn’t have to be long and does not necessarily need to be medium. A shorter version can do and will look great if you know your way around. For a start, get the strands ready by working into waves. With the right skills, the barber can apply skin fades from the sides to the nape, and complete the top with a wavy short cut.

  • Layered Undercut

Most men would rather wear their undercut with a long top. If you want something here is the medium layer to check out. Direct the barber to cut the strands into medium layers. The good aspect of this style is you’ll spend little time styling and you’ll always look cute all the time.

  • Undercut + Bangs

You can get out of the weary look that comes with rocking a long haircut. Why don’t you do things differently and get your hands on the bangs hairstyle? This makes it easy for you, as it is not as long as others. Rather, the shorter version with the blonde touch brings out the facial features.

Slicked Pompadour

The “pomp” as it is commonly known is not pre-programmed to stay put at the center. At intervals, you can change hands and try new styles. One of such styles is the slicking pompadour haircut, which glides from the front to the nape. Consider a sideburn-free face and low fades at the sides for a stylish look.

  • Long Curls

Despite the fact that wavy strands and the curls share similarities, they are still different from each other. This is usually the case when they are styled into different hairstyles. The long curls are a nice way to begin your journey to getting a trendy undercut hairstyle. Consider getting one if you have enough hair to spare, and remember to apply the fades at the sides.

  • Side Sweep + Beard

Maybe you are looking for a hairstyle that will be suitable for your short hair or you wondering what you will look like after trimming your long locks. With a side sweep at your disposal, you can make lasting impressions with your new hairstyle. Consider rocking a well-trimmed beard or mustache to compliment this thrilling look.

High Quiff

Let the strands tilt to the sky and glow in the beauty of rocking this amazing undercut-inspired haircut. The style is suitable for men with enough hair to spare. Remember to connect the dots by leaving low fades at the sides and the nape. At your discretion, introduce connected sideburns and spot a mustache to drive home this captivating look.

The Bowl Cut

This is a recreation of a bowl or cover placed above the head. The bowl cut is quite easy to style. All the barber has to do is to take your face shape into consideration and carve the right shape for you. Consider applying low fades at the sides and completing with a full beard.

Medium Slick Back

If you are a fan of the slick back, it is time to try a new style. This time, the entire strands are not going back, but just a few. In addition, maintain clean cuts at the sides, throw in some artistic designs if you want and rock sideburns.

  • Long Fringe

It doesn’t have to be messy to look good. The long fringe is one of the ways you can set the undercut hairstyle in motion. Maintain skin fades at the sides, and build it up with low fades at the crown.

  • The Weaves

This is best for men with little or medium strands of hair. Consider tapering the sides and weaving the strands into distinct cornrows.

  • Afro Inspiration

Style your voluminous hair into the Afro hairstyle. To add more color to the style, apply the undercuts at the sides. To make it creative, integrate a V-shape to the low fades resting at the sides.

  • Subtle Undercut

There is no better way to take off the undercut from the eyes of the public. With this hairstyle, it is a safe bet that the fades will not be seen; at least from a far distance. With this cut, it will be hard to notice the transition at the sides

  • The Mohawk Inspiration

This is not the traditional Mohawk haircut but is still has a bit of the feature. With the aid of a skilled barber, it will be a walk-over as you style it. Weave back the medium strands in a single file and apply skin fades at the sides.

The Blonde Look

The secret to pulling this off is making use of the right hair product to texture the hair. You can also apply skin fades in a single file, which will be positioned close to the ear. Finish the job with a nice carve and a well-trimmed beard.

  • The Cornrows

At some point, you might have the need to break out from other undercut hairstyles. The cornrows wait with open arms to welcome you to their fold. Make sure you have textured hair and long strands before trying this. Skin fades and disconnected beard can make a difference.

  • Low Fade Undercut

You can choose this style if you are not a fan of high fades. The unique aspect of this style is that it gradually takes root as it gets to the bottom. This implies that the volume at the top starts diminishing in size as it drifts close to the ear.

Short Quiff

The quiff hairstyle makes the list again and this time, it comes with a short version. The fades make an appearance at the sides; leaving the top to move from the nape to the front in a proportioned way that allows the bangs to stick out.

  • Slick Back + Side Part

Take another shot at the slicked back haircut by integrating the side part. The wavy strands at the top weave back in a timely fashion, and gradually, the fades diminish until skin cuts are attained at the bottom.

  • Textured Pomp

An undercut-inspired pompadour with a textural framework is ideal for long and medium hair. To make the look more appealing, leave low fades at the sides and keep a sideburn-free face.

  • Preppy Long Quiff

If you are one of those that want to style long hair in a unique way without bothering about the length, then, this style is for you. All you have to do is to style to a side and complete with connected sideburns.

  • Medium Mohawk

This is anywhere close to the traditional Mohawk haircut but it still makes a lot of impressions. Consider applying some color to the strands that tilt out and beautify the sided with the fades.

For the Oldies

Certainly, “what is food for the goose is also food for the gander”. Older adults can take a swipe at the undercut hairstyle and still look great. The one we have here is an attestation that youthful valor is still at their doorsteps, and all they need is to get the right haircut and bounce back to their hay days.

  • Edgy Undercut

The razor touches combine with the wavy and textured top to give you a unified look. To harmonize the style, keep the face free of sideburns and apply more texture with wax.

Get under the Cut

The undercut hairstyle is one too many. You cannot afford to miss out the varied styles that you can choose from. We do hope our collections have inspired you to make a choice of the undercut hairstyle to choose on your next haircut.

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