40 Classy Skin Fade Haircuts for Stylish Men

The variations in hairstyles make it seem as if it is an easy game. There are styles that may be easy and others that might be a bit hard. The skin fade hairstyle can be anywhere between these two – it all depends on the skill of the barber.

However, one thing that can never be taken away from it is the fact that the finished looks are breathtaking. If the thumbs up from friends who envy your haircut intrigue you, then, it is time you start making plans to style this cut.

Why do People love this Style?

The skin fade is particularly unique and on a class of its own. In contrast to other haircuts, it features shaved sides and some length at the top. You will attest to the fact that people often look out for hairstyles that are short and still make them look smart. With the skin fade, there is no gainsaying the fact that the quest has been fulfilled.

The shaved sides are in unison with what you may want to see on a short haircut. The volume at the top brings another style to the game. So, if you are yet to get this style, you are missing a lot. If you are ready to get under the clipper and come out with smiles, we have made a list of skin fade haircuts to inspire your next hairstyle.

  • The Sharp Looks

Also known as “Short sides and back” and the “bald fade”, the skin fade entails leaving more volume at the top. However, you don’t necessarily have to go bald before you achieve this look. Simply apply the fades throughout the sides and leave a Mohawk figure at the top.

  • The V-Shape

You can actually style your locks into a V-shape without hassles. To pull off this look, it is important to shave the sides. This gives room for shine and more publicity for the top. Then, slick back the wavy strands and shape into a V at the crown.

The Quiff Inspiration

Do you have a liking for the quaff hairstyle? If it is in the list of hairstyles you would love to style someday, consider shaving the sides before pulling off the look. It will be a good idea to deploy the V-shape at the back and secure the face with sideburns.

  • Wavy Side Sweep

The side-swept hairstyle is not limited to men with long locks. Your medium hair can actually take a shot at this style. To consolidate the look, add some texture to the top before tossing the strands to a side. Consider a side part to finish the job.

  • Mid Drop Fade

This exquisite look is not far from what a good stylist can recreate. With the right styling tools, the barber can trim the sides to a considerable length. The volume at the top won’t be much (though it depends on the hairstyle you choose and the volume you already have). Connect the beard in a single line and watch your friends envy you.

  • Comb-Over + Side Part

One factor you would always love about the skin fade haircut is the ability to combine with other hairstyles. Though this is the general application to every fade hairstyle, the clan cut that takes the center stage on the skin fade is the reason why it is a perfect pick. Consider getting the comb-over hairstyle with an integrated side part for a remarkable look.

  • Medium Comb-Over

The comb-over hairstyle does not have to have enough volume to catch attention. The style we have here is a good representation of what a medium-length comb-over hairstyle looks like. You can apply a good styling product to bring out the waves, before applying the side part and disconnected sideburns.

  • The Textured Mohawk

Have you ever thought how cute the Mohawk hairstyle will look when deployed to another variation? That is what you have here! Not only did the strands slick back but they also have textures that enhance the looks.

  • The Clean Cut

Recall that skin fades can actually be bald. Though this style is not entirely bald at the sides, it is an inch closer to striking the deal. If a voluminous top does not interest you and you do not want to make occasional visits to the barber for maintenance, we suggest you take up this haircut. Not only does it offer a clean cut but also makes you feel young again.

The Short Waves

The locks need to go out and pave the way for this style. Do you have curly hair but do not want to keep the long locks? It is a safe bet to trim them down to a considerable volume before styling. Remember to have a handy styling product to make it shiny after the cut.

  • Short Curls + Beard

If the last style does not work in your favor, it is time to inspire your barber with this hairdo. Trim the locks down to a medium length and leave enough room for styling. Optionally you can choose to go with shaved sides all the way down to the nape, and complete with a disconnected beard.

  • Textured Bangs

The bangs are really coming back with a bang! This time, the haircut is working on the premise of the skin fade hairstyle and applies some texture to make it cute.

  • Spikes with Highlights

You would be forgiven if you mistake the spiky haircut for the bangs or messy hairdo. If you want to put a stop to the confusion, consider getting one with highlights. With the strands tilting upwards, the skin fade comes to roost at the sides and beautifies the looks.

Textured Pompadour

The classic pompadour hairstyle never goes out of style. Despite being an age-long haircut, the modern generation is finding alternate hairdos to style it with. The haircut features textured strands and a side part to differentiate the lengthy top from the fades that are close to the ear.

  • Layered Spikes

There is never an end to what you can make out of spiky hairdos. With the layers making a dramatic entrance to this rich haircut, the game just got interesting. Get one for yourself and finish your intriguing looks with connected beard lines.

  • Medium Pomp + Razor Line

This is all shades of handsomeness and you should not hesitate to get this hairdo. The pompadour takes a medium shape and to finish the exquisite look, it tags along the razor line. The shaved sides and the general outlook of the hair are inviting and will make many positive impressions when you style it.

  • Short Spikes

Come down from the high horse and get the unique spiky haircut. The shorter version makes a good impression and it will certainly be a perfect fit if you already have medium hair. Either of the bald and short fades can suit the style. You may consider a beard to tag along with it.

  • Short Comb-Over + Razor Line

Convert your medium locks to a hairstyle that is catchy. The comb-over provides the channel to do that. All you have to do is to get the hair set by applying good styling products to get the right texture, and introducing a razor line to beautify the looks.

The Simple and Clean look

Get out of the bushy hairdos and the longer locks that dominate most skin fades. This short and well-cut hairstyle is a perfect fit for every stylish man. What’s more? The task of maintaining it won’t stress you out.

  • Mohawk

The Mohawk hairstyle does not actually signify rebellion or strong-will. It is a hairstyle for men that love adventure, and who cannot wait to grab the attention of many. Apply the fades at the sides and maintain lengthy hair at the top.

  • The Comeback

This is in between the side sweep and the slicks. To achieve and make the best out of your comeback hairdo, get the locks ready by applying the right texture. Afterward, weave backward (starting from the front) and end just at the crown. The fades will complete the job at the sides and back.

The Blonde Hairdo

Even though it is worn by an older adult, this style can still be applicable for younger adults. If you are not blessed with such locks, apply good hair products to pull off the blonde hair before styling.

The Smart Skin Fade

This is still within the ambient of the blonde hairstyle. However, the top gets more of the silver color than that of the thinning white hair. Below the volume at the top is the shaved side while the disconnected beard makes the look breathtaking.

The Compelling Mohawk

It is an established fact that the Mohawk haircut is intriguing and is predominantly used by men that love to show off.  You can get into the league by styling this attractive Mohawk hairstyle that will certainly attract wild stare when you take a walk.

  • High and Textured Spikes

The spiky haircuts are taking a new dimension with the introduction of the higher version. It takes on a new shape with the integration of texture in the spike. It is quite interesting to note that the fades at the sides are on the low and correspond to the volume at the top.

  • Spikes + Highlights + Beard

If what we have in #13 does not reflect the hairstyle you want to make with your spikes, it is our bet that you will certainly love the one we have here. This is a combination of the spikes, some highlights and a beard to finish the look.

  • Spikes + Surgical Line

This is one of the most common and clean looks you can make out of the spiky hairstyle. It features neat cuts at the sides and surgical lines to complete the look. For the top, leave some volume and texture the hair for a compelling look.

  • Classic Pompadour + Razor Line

After making the rounds in different perspectives, the pompadour hairstyle is coming down to reclaim the actual spot. This time, it coasts home with textured layers and a razor line to drive home the point. Consider getting this hairdo if you have a medium or short hair.

  • Textured Side Sweep

If you are not disposed to take the bangs or spiky haircuts, the side-swept hairstyle becomes a style for you. To make the most out of this, it is pertinent to integrate some styling products that will help in bringing the texture in the cut.

  • Front-Tilted Spikes

Make the best out of your spiky hairdo by tilting it forward. This is a good way to bring out the clean sides while leaving the top to be in clear view. You can also tag a disconnected to complete the looks.

  • Neat Afro

With long locks in your favor, you can recreate this look with hassles. This is one of the smartest looks you can get out there. To start, trim the ear line to a fade and take the same step for the top to get a clean look. Drive this look home by connecting a well-trimmed beard.

  • Textured Curls

If you do not need the afro or not pleased with the spikes, apply a texture to your locks and pull off this look. Maintain the volume at the top and slick back to form a V-shape at the crown before connecting a beard.


  • Short Back and Sides

This pompadour hairstyle aptly captures the skin fade haircut. The sides and back are kept on the low before integrating longer strands at the top. You can ask the barber to part the side to differentiate the longer and shorter sides.

The Man Bun

Talking of hairstyles, women are dominating the industry. Now, men are reclaiming their stake, and are even venturing into the female stronghold. The bun hairstyle, which was formerly under the dominance of the women, is now a willing haircut in the hands of the male folk. To achieve this look, apply the fade at the sides, and weave the volume at the top into a bun.

Wavy Slicks

Reinvent your stake in the slick haircuts by applying the waves before slicking back. Make sure the sides have been taken care of (with the skin fade) before applying a razor line that rhymes with the hairdo.

Artistic Impression

Consider surgical lines to take a place at a strategic point in the hair. Typically, the lines start by the sides and extend to the crown. Compliment with sideburns and maintain shaves at the sides and back.


  • Bowl Cut

This style literally covers the head from harsh weather condition while keeping the face neat. The bow cut has been available for decades and with the skin fade, it extends its frontiers and will still be relevant for some time.

Simple and Sleek

You do not have to stress to look good with a haircut. This style makes that a reality for you. Direct the barber to shave the sides before shaping the remaining hair into a circle. Complete the effort with a disconnected beard.

  • Wavy Comb Back

Pull the strands back in a timely fashion and make sure it takes the shape of the Mohawk hairstyle. Shave the sides and be sure the top extends down to the nape of the neck. Apply a disconnected to add more details to the cut.

The Braids

Women will be jealous when you recreate their braid hairstyle with the skin fade haircut. Make sure the sides do not go bald – leave the fades a bit visible. For the top, apply the braids and weave them back to the crown, which is where you will tie into a mini man bun. A full or well-trimmed beard is a nice way to complement the style.

Fade the Skin

There is no gainsaying the fact that the fader haircut makes a great impression when it features in specific hairstyles. The skin fade haircut takes the step further to offer good styling to different hairstyles. With the versatility that lets it adapt to different haircuts and the clean looks it brings forward, the skin fade haircut is a hairdo you should consider styling the next time you go for a haircut.

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