85 Sergio Ramos Haircut Ideas for the Superstar Athlete in You

Whether you’re a fan or not, one thing is certain. The Sergio Ramos haircut look book has now become just as famous, if not more famous, than his skills on the pitch. This celebrity soccer player has worn a plethora of haircuts throughout his years serving for different teams. They ranged from simple hairstyles when he was younger to outrageous ones that got him in the news during his more senior years. And that is exactly why we’re here talking about him. Let’s check out some of the best Sergio Ramos haircut ideas you can try for yourself!


Let’s Talk about Sergio Ramos!

His full name is Sergio Ramos Garcia and his is considered by most to be one of the best defenders of all time. He was born in Spain and, thusly, plays for the Spanish national team as well. When it comes to soccer clubs, he made his debut at Sevilla FC, but found fame at Real Madrid.

In early 2019, Amazon Prime announced their intentions of releasing a documentary in eight parts about the life of the great soccer player. For the first time ever, fans and enthusiast would be seeing a side of his personal life never before seen. Sergio Ramos is married and has three children with his loving wife.

He is also passionate about bullfighting and horses. He even owns a stud farm in Andalusia where he was born. Sergio Ramos has his very own prize-winning horse called Yucatan SR4.

Off the pitch, the soccer player is viewed as an idol by many men who love him for his many qualities but also for his undeniable good looks. That is, perhaps, why all the hairstyles that he wears become instant hits. So let’s take a look at some of the best Sergio Ramos haircut ideas we’ve gathered for you and dissect them!

Sergio Ramos & the Funny Tweets

Let’s start with one you might remember because it was quite recent. And because people all over Twitter made fun of this Sergio Ramos haircut. Here’s the scoop. It happened in July 2018 when Sergio Ramos made an appearance on the pitch for Spain during a game in the World Cup against Russia. Even though Spain lost, most people focused more on the bizarre Sergio Ramos haircut.

It seems to be a very short crop on top with a bald fade on the bottom. Which would be alright on its own. It’s just that the soccer player also opted for a hair design with a slightly odd geometrical pattern. That is what makes him look like a kindergartner who was allowed to play in the big league. Pun intended.

His hair is also longer in the back and on one side of his head, strangely enough. And Twitter wasn’t nicer either. Here are some of the actual Tweets that the people who saw the game live wrote.

‘Did Sergio Ramos’ barber cut his hair in the dark? All time bad haircut #WorldCup’

‘No chance Sergio Ramos barber finished cutting his hair.’

‘I’m fairly certain Sergio Ramos cut his own hair. #WorldCup’

‘Sergio Ramos looks like he cut his own hair with a knife and fork.’

Sergio Ramos Buzz Cut

He might be a trend setter and a fashion and style icon for millions of men around the world. He might also love super trendy hairstyles such as pompadours, hair designs, Ivy League haircuts, and feathery finishes. But that doesn’t mean Sergio Ramos doesn’t also look good in a plain, old buzz cut.

It’s no wonder! When you’re that handsome, how could you not look good in a simple buzz cut? If you look closely, you will notice that he went for a little taper on the sides and in the back. This still allows for some styling in case he needs to go out or to a special event. And, of course, the buzz cut is paired as always with a well-trimmed beard.

Sergio Ramos Side Part

We’ve all had a laugh but let’s move on to a Sergio Ramos haircut that actually looks good. Here he is posing on the soccer pitch during a training session. And you have to give it to him. Who looks this amazing while working out? Sergio Ramos does! He’s wearing a short version of the famous Ivy League hairstyle that you can definitely ask your barber for.

This type of haircut is more suitable for an office environment given that is has a clean side part and so much pomade, but just like Sergio Ramos does, you can wear it in any circumstance. Combine this Sergio Ramos haircut with a well-trimmed but bushy beard that will make it look less ‘office’ and more ‘out in the open air.’

Blonde Highlights on Brown Hair

Highlights, baby lights or peekaboo highlights are a very simple way in which you can breathe new life into your natural hair color. They are also a very interesting and easy way to add a little luminosity to your face. And that is exactly what this Sergio Ramos haircut is all about.

The soccer player has caramel brown eyes, an olive complexion, and natural dark brown hair. Therefore, blonde baby highlights right at the front of his face in the fringe area were a fantastic idea. They bring out the amber in his eyes as well as the golden undertones in his olive skin. In other words, those exact traits that make him special and attractive!

Platinum Blonde Sergio Ramos Haircut

He’s definitely not the first soccer player to go platinum blonde, but he looks mighty fine with this hair color, so we’ll give him a pass. In fact, one of the first to take this bold step was none other than the king of haircuts himself, David Beckham. Back in the late 90s and early 2000s, Beckham would dye his hair blonde and sport a heartthrob boy band haircut that would have all the girls swooning.

And this Sergio Ramos haircut follows proudly in his footsteps. The Real Madrid soccer player has opted for a short and messy haircut so that the true star of the show here could be the color. Or non-color so to say – platinum blonde with just a tinge of yellow.

Tip – please don’t attempt to bleach your hair at home. It’s a very dangerous process that involves harsh chemicals which may (and probably will) damage your hair and scalp. The best thing to do is visit a professional salon where a hairstylist will bleach your hair for you!

Sergio Ramos Blonde Haircut

You’ve seen him wearing his natural dark brown hair color. You’ve seen him wear platinum hair. Now get ready to see him as a full on blonde. Because you know blondes have more fun! This Sergio Ramos haircut is just amazing. The shade of sunflower blonde simply works miracles for his skin tone and the color of his eyes.

In fact, the shade of blonde matches him so well you could be inclined to believe it’s his natural hair! It’s just a pity that the soccer player didn’t stick with it longer. If you want to find the perfect shade of blonde for your own skin tone, ask your barber or stylist. He or she will be able to give you some advice in that direction.

Sergio Ramos Medium Haircut

If you ever needed proof that Sergio Ramos looks good with medium hair, this is it. Here he is with a shoulder length hairstyle that he wears parted very simply, down the middle. Instead of putting his hair up in a man bun or a top knot so as to free up his face, the soccer player has elected to scrunch it behind his ears.

If you want to copy this Sergio Ramos haircut, then the one thing you need to focus on is moisture. That’s right! Hydration has to become your best friend! It’s the only way in which you will be able to achieve these long, flowing, and soft locks that he has. Therefore, here’s what you need to do.

Always, always apply conditioner every time you shower after the shampooing part is over. When you’re done and your hair is still damp, you can apply one or more of the following hair care products. A nourishing hair care mask once per week. Apply a leave in conditioner that will assure your locks of even more moisture. And a few drops of hair oil that will secure all those layers of hydration right in!



Sergio Ramos Pompadour Haircut

Given the fact that the pompadour is one of the most popular haircuts of the second half of the 2010s, it’s no surprise someone as stylish as Sergio Ramos tried it as well. And it’s a good thing that he did because he looks absolutely stunning. Which makes us huge fans of this Sergio Ramos haircut.

But did you know that the pompadour was a hairstyle for women originally? It was invented especially for Madame de Pompadour who gave it its famous name. She was a mistress to King Louis the XVth of France and wanted a hairstyle that would make the king notice her. So it was her personal stylist that invented the pompadour for her. Later on, Marie Antoinette picked it up. She took the hairstyle to new heights by wearing massive, elaborate pompadours adorned with very theatrical accessories as well as jewelry and flowers.

Sergio Ramos Feathered Haircut

This is one of the most interesting entries on our Sergio Ramos haircut list. It’s a shoulder length haircut with a super feathery and layered finish that looks almost like a mullet. Yes, that’s right! The super notorious hairstyle that’s ‘business in the front and party in the back.’ And Sergio Ramos surely looks the part.

He’s wearing a suit and a pair of Aviator glasses that make him appear serious and concentrated from the front. But the back – that’s where the party is! Of course, this is not an original, traditional mullet like people used to wear in the 80s. But we could definitely define it as a modern, more stylish take on what people now call the worst haircut in history. Ouch! Let’s see what else we have on the list.

Sergio Glamour Hairstyle

Everything about this Sergio Ramos haircut and look simply screams glamour. From his pose to his penetrating gaze, pouty lips, and pink lip gloss, this is just a perfect Instagram post. Therefore, you can use it as inspiration for your own Insta selfies. When it comes to his hair, he is wearing one of his favorite haircuts.

It’s a medium to long hairstyle with a super layered and feathery finish that he has swooped over his head. The hairstyle also has a bit of a messy finish to it so that it can go with the whole ‘I woke up like this’ look.

Pro tip – Sergio is wearing a set of golden and caramel highlights that you can ask your stylist for. If you do, get them as close to your face as possible. They will lighten up your skin tone and the color of your eyes!

What about you?

We already know you’re a huge fan of Sergio Ramos’ otherwise you wouldn’t be here. And let’s face it, who isn’t? We are too! With his amazing skills on the soccer pitch and his boyish good looks it’s hard not to pick Sergio as your main inspiration when it comes to styling and fashion. So take a long look through all the Sergio Ramos haircut ideas that we’ve laid out for you and choose the one that represents you best. What would it be? A simple buzz cut for a no frills guy? A shoulder length hairstyle with a feathery finish? A hair design that will have everyone talking? Or an Ivy League side sweep with a side part that will make you look like Prince Charming every day you step into the office? Write to us in the comment section below and let us know!

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