All About the Nick Young Hairstyle or Swaggy P Haircut

You know what we’re talking about. Of course you do, you’re on Instagram. So we’re not here to school you. But we are here for those of you who want to go a little deeper and learn just a tad more about this wonderful hairstyle. We’re also here for those of you who want some tips and advice on how to style the Nick Young hairstyle, how to get it, where did it come from, and what products to use to get the best Swaggy P. haircut every time. Let’s get scrolling!

Here’s a video that will detail for you how to get the Swaggy P haircut.

Who Is Nick Young?

We need to start with the beginning. As famous as he is, there might still be some of you out there who don’t follow basketball. There might also be a few hairdressers reading this who will be asked by their clients and might not be able to answer. Or just some curious people.

So, Nick Young is a famous American basketball player. He played for a number of teams which include the Los Angeles Clippers, the LA Lakers, the Washington Wizards, the Golden State Warriors, the Philadelphia 76ers, and the Denver Nuggets. He has also won the NBA Championship in 2018 with the Golden State Warriors.


Why Do They Call Him Swaggy P?

The reason is because Swaggy P is Nick Young’s Twitter handle. The basketball player was actually asked what it stands for. He said it has biblical meaning to him, referencing ‘the Prophet of Swag.’ Now you know!

What Is the Swaggy P Haircut?

Although he has had many haircuts over the years, as you are about to see below, the most famous one is, without a doubt the Swaggy P. If we were to break it down, we could say that it’s a blasted blur Mohawk meant for men.

In other words, this is one of the best and highest blurs that simply bends around the head in a super cool way. It has been described as a really great way for African-American men to style their hair if they are tired of the same old crimps and twists.

If you want to get the Swaggy P, then the sides of the head have to be blurred like in a temp blur. They can also be trimmed very short or decreased using a line up. The hair you have on top should be longer and kept into a Mohawk. You can also go for an afro if you like it better. Choose something a little more niche like the South of France hairdo worn by Usher if you need a bit of drama.

The High and Tight Nick Young Hairstyle

As mentioned previously, Nick Young has had more than just one hairstyle over the years. This, for example, is a high and tight cut. It resembles a loose box cut if you’re familiar with that particular hairstyle from the 70s and 80s, and we think you might be. There’s a good chance you’ve seen it on Will Smith in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Nick Young’s haircut is a looser version of that.

He has a medium fade on the sides and a high top which allows his natural kinky hair to shine. If you want to style your hair in this way at home, you can use a sponge for curls and some product. The sponge is a perfect tool because it allows you to style your curls in a natural way.

The Medium Nick Young Hairstyle



In all fairness, this is still a Swaggy P, just overgrown a little bit. It’s the hairstyle that made him famous all over the world and put him on the map as a trendsetter. Men simply rushed to their barbers to copy him and we can totally understand why. It’s a gorgeous hairstyle.


Apart from that, it’s very easy to maintain. The top half in this case is a medium Afro that doesn’t need tending to beyond the usual hygiene. The bottom half is a temple fade that you will have to readjust quite often though. This might mean once a week to a few days, depending on how fast your hair grows. But the good news is that if you buy a pair of electric clippers, you can give yourself an adjustment and save some money.

The Curly Mohawk

Nick Young looks fabulous in a Mohawk just like he does in every other haircut that he has tried so far. Although this is not actually a traditional Mohawk but what we would now call a fauxhawk. That’s because it doesn’t have the classic gelled spikes we used to see in the 70s. Instead, Nick Young opted for a strip of his own gorgeous curly hair as well as a taper fade instead of shaving his head altogether on the sides.

Curly Fauxhawk with Golden Tips

What you can see here is just a variation on the above when it comes to the Nick Young hairstyle idea list, but a superb one at that. In this case, Nick has simply gone for a few golden caramel tips at the front. They embellish his whole haircut and give it some much needed freshness. But this goes to show how much you can obtain out of such a small and simple idea.

The Puffed up Fauxhawk

One thing is certain. If we are to talk about a Nick Young hairstyle, we can draw a simple conclusion – he loves fauxhawks. Here he is on the basketball course sporting an amazing medium fauxhawk. But the thing that catches your eye the most is just how puffed up it is.

In fact, it’s almost as if he started out with an all-around Afro which he then sculpted and carved into this fauxhawk by shaving the sides of his head. Not a bad idea at all! It makes him look like a true warrior!

Do you like a certain Nick Young hairstyle?

If so, let us know in the comment section below which one is your favorite and why. Also, if you have any questions about the haircuts themselves and how to get them, don’t hesitate to ask!

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