90 Long Hairstyles for Men That Will Make You Look Fantastic

The most amazing thing about long hair hairstyles for men is how versatile they are. Most men who go for short haircuts don’t have a lot of options. The look they get from their barber, that’s what they have to display on a daily basis. But if you have long hair, there is an endless plethora of opportunities at your disposal for every occasion and every mood. Learn how to style your long hair, maintain it, get inspiration from your favorite long-haired celebrities, and much more!


Should I Grow My Hair Long?

Why not? Long hair is a fantastic choice of styling that suits everyone no matter what facial structure you might have. However, there are a few things you should consider before starting to grow your luscious locks.

For example, if you work in an office that has a very strict styling code, rethink the whole situation. This includes men who work in banks, for finance institutions, teachers, doctors, and so on. They are usually asked by their employers to cut their hair short. Therefore, if you are in one of these situations, the best thing you can do is ask first if you have the permission to grow your hair long.

You also need to think twice about it if you’re a teenager in school. There are some educational institutions that are pretty lax when it comes to rules and regulations. However, most of them require boys to get short haircuts. Therefore, this could also be a case where you should ask or have your parents ask for you if you can grow your hair long.

Third of all, keep in mind that long hair needs a lot of grooming. We will delve into that at length below and you will see exactly how to care for it. But the idea is that you need to take special care of your long tresses. Don’t grow your hair long unless you are also prepared to take very good care of it all the time!

Apart from that, if you check all the boxes, the world is your oyster, as they say, and we can begin our story discussing the amazing world of long hairstyles for men!

The History of Long Hairstyles for Men

As you might have already guessed, men have had a very long relationship with their long hair, pun intended. Yes, growing your locks is not a modern invention by any means. If you take a look at Antiquity, you’ll notice that several cultures prized long hair above all others. Ancient Egyptians, for example, used to shave their heads completely because of the heat and the lice. However, they still made long wigs for themselves which they wore at all times. This means that having long hair was not only fashionable but a question of pride.

The same goes for the Gauls, the ancestors of modern French people, who wore very long hair as well as man braids. They considered them a symbol of good health and high status. This taste for long manes continued in that part of the world through to the Middle Ages. The famous Frank King Charlemagne loved to grow his hair as long and as wavy as possible. He wanted to display to the world that he was a powerful and vigorous man.

A similar case were the Merovingian kings. They would much rather die than allow someone to cut their long hair. A haircut would be considered humiliating because then they would lose any claim they could have to the throne. Therefore, as you can see, long hairstyles for men have always been a symbol of power, manliness, and even royalty. To let go of your tresses would be shameful and equal to losing your masculine driving force.

Long Hairstyles for Men as a Fashion Statement

Long hair truly caught on as more than just a symbol but rather a necessity during the Renaissance in France. King Louis the XIIIth was, unfortunately, bald and quite ashamed of it. Therefore, he tried to conceal it by wearing very long wigs. That’s how the fashion of the outrageous long wigs started.  Even more famously, King Louis the XIVth was the one who took it to new heights.

Common men also wore long hair. They grew their own since they couldn’t afford theatrical wigs. They simply tied it at the back of their heads in a ponytail. But they would use a lot of white powder to make it look like a wig. In fact, these dramatic long hairstyles for men were so popular and famous that the French Revolution sought to put an end to them. Because long hairstyles were a common mark of the aristocracy, the Revolution prompted everyone to start wearing short hair instead. Today, you can still see them in historical movies and TV shows.

Modern Long Hairstyles for Men

The modern and contemporary era are very interesting from the point of view of long hairstyles for men. For a very long time after the French Revolution and up until the 1950s, long hair in men was not accepted by society anymore. Long locks were considered to be a feminine trait, whereas men were supposed to be very masculine with short hairstyles that would make them look as fierce and serious as possible.

However, this all changed in the 60s. The aftermath of the Second World War also brought a change in the way men viewed themselves. The war had been taxing and difficult to endure, and men wanted to be more peaceful and less violent. The hippies of the 60s emerged. They were fighting for peace all the while dressed in colorful clothes that opposed the drab ones everyone had had to wear during the war years. Of course, they also had long hair, as a symbol of freedom and equality between genders.

The 60s also gave birth to the Peacock Revolution. It was a very colorful period for men that challenged the traditions and dared them to dress and style themselves a lot bolder. It also challenged men to push against the classic gender roles. They wanted a softer and more gender fluid notion of presenting themselves. Long hair played a huge part in that.

Rock’n’roll Long Hairstyles for Men

The Peacock men were swiftly followed by the Punks of the 70s and 80s. The Mohawk was their hairstyle of choice. It was a very theatrical hair design meant to rebel as much as possible against tradition and the hippies of the 60s themselves. But it was also meant to shock. Although the classic Mohawk consists of a series of spikes that need to be erected on top of the head, it’s still considered a long hairstyle. The reason is that you need long hair to create it in the first place.

The 80s brought a resurrection of long hair for men altogether. Rock music was at its height of fame and glam rock band members were all wearing long hair. Every big celebrity of the music industry had long locks including Axl Rose of the Guns’n’Roses, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith, Ozzy Osbourne of Black Sabbath, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, and many more. It was finally cool to have long hair again on a massive scale.

However, as rock music declined in favor of soft pop, so did long hairstyles for men. Therefore, in the 90s and 2000s men stopped wearing long hair at all and leaned toward shorter cuts. In fact, a study from the Society of Cosmetic Chemists shows that, in 2003, 0.18 percent of adult men had hair up to their shoulders or longer. Not only that, but once more long hairstyles for men were associated with being outdated, cliché, and, worst of all, feminine.

Long Hairstyles for Men in the 2010s

That all changed, however, in the 2010s thanks to two things. Celebrities and the man bun. First of all, the 2010 decade saw a lot of major celebrity men wear long or very long hair. This prompted the general opinion on long tresses to change (again). It was cool and even sexy for men to have long hair once more.

Celebrities like Harry Styles, Jared Leto, and Kit Harrington wore their long hair across the world, turning heads and making everyone swoon. But more on that below when we detail more celebrities and their love for long hair.

The other major factor that brought long hairstyles for men back in the attention of the public was the man bun. We could say with quite a degree of certainty that the man bun is the hairstyle of the decade if not of the past 50 years. It has been so debated and it has become so famous that Mattel released a Ken doll wearing a man bun. There is even a company that makes fake man buns which you can attach to your real hair like a toupee.

But what’s of real interest to us is that the one thing you need to be able to wear a man bun and hop on this trend yourself was long hair. So the man bun and its legions of followers saved long hairstyles for men and made them cool again.

Types of Long Hairstyles for Men

As we already mentioned, the best thing about long hair is that it’s amazingly versatile. In other words, you can use it to create any hairstyle or look that you want. However, our advice is that you start by analyzing and identifying what type of face you have. After that, you can discover the best long hairstyles for men that will flatter your facial structure the most.

Here are some examples that will help you along the way.

  • Diamond face shape

Some famous men with diamond face shapes include Hugh Laurie and Johnny Depp. The later has already worn long hair so you know you’re on the right track. If you decide to go for long hairstyles for men, then you need to make sure you add a lot of volume to your locks. The volume will soften your very angular features. Therefore, go for a scissor cut that will make your hair look messy and somewhat unkempt.

  • Heart Diamond Face Shape

Idris Elba has this type of face and so does Ryan Gosling. When it comes to long hair, you should let it grow naturally on the sides and in the back and stay away from fades or shaved sides. They are not your friends. You can also increase the length on top and then let it fall in an organic way on your shoulders.

  • Oblong Face Shape

You’ve seen this facial structure in celebrity men such as Ben Affleck and Jon Hamm. Get a classic scissor cut that is nicely balanced and allows your hair to fall evenly on your shoulders. Don’t add too much height on top, which means you can’t run your fingers through your hair to create a little pomp. The sides can’t be too tight either.

More Types of Long Hairstyles for Men

  • Oval Face Shape

Justin Timberlake and Will Smith both have oval faces. If you have one too and are interested in long hairstyles for men, here’s what you can do. Don’t wear any hair on your forehead. You don’t want any volume on top because you’re trying to avoid angles in that area. Apart from that, you should also steer clear of fringes because they just make your face look shorter and rounder than it already is.

  • Round Face Shape

Leonardo DiCaprio has a classic round face and he has worn long hair as well. What you need for this facial structure is a lot of height and volume. Therefore, a good, old man bun will do the trick. It will also elongate your face and create the illusion of sculpted cheekbones. Flatten the top using hair gel and elevate the man bun or top knot as much as you can so free your jawline.

  • Square Face Shape

This is the classic Hollywood face which you can see on handsome actors such as Henry Cavill and Tom Cruise or on singer Harry Styles. The good news is that you can wear pretty much any hairstyle you want because you’ll still look gorgeous. A traditional square face is a gift you should enjoy. Still, in terms of styling, go for a textured cut. Put your hair up in a bun from time to time and let the world rejoice in just how beautiful you are.

  • Triangle Face Shape

Ryan Reynolds has a triangle face and he can be your inspiration. For this type of face you will need to reveal your forehead as it’s one of your best features. Therefore, avoid bangs. You can go for a small quiff, a man bun or simply sweeping your hair back. Make sure you’re very generous when texturing your long hair because it will make you look handsome. Don’t get a fade because it will actually make your forehead look a lot narrower than it should.

As a rule of thumb, the general trend in long hairstyles for men right now is to go for very natural and organic designs. This means allowing the hair to grow and then highlighting its natural qualities. Simply let it flow on your shoulders and back with minimal interfering.

Celebrities with Long Hair

We’ve already mentioned a number of celebrities who have helped bring long hairstyles for men back into focus. Among them, the most famous one is, probably, singer Harry Styles. He started to grow his hair while he was still in One Direction and developed a very glam rock look which he complimented with skinny jeans and hoola shirts. His fans devoted entire Instagram pages to his hair alone. They were devastated when Harry had to cut his hair short to star in the movie Dunkirk in 2017.

Actors with Long Hairstyles

Another famous actor whose long hairstyle has been heavily copied in the last few years is Chris Hemsworth. He wore long hair to be able to star in the Thor and Avengers movies and his blonde locks were very much appreciated. Chris was also a major supporter of the man bun.

Brad Pitt returned to long hair in the second half of the 2010s. Of course, we’ve seen the actor wear long hair many times in his youth throughout the 90s and the 2000s. He had long hair in movies such as Interview with the Vampire, Legends of the Fall, and Troy as well as in his personal life. A few years ago he returned to it much to everyone’s delight.

When it comes to curly long hairstyles for men, the king was Kit Harrington. Much as his character in the hit TV series Game of Thrones, Kit created a whole new trend and men everywhere decided to get his haircut.

Justin Bieber tried long hairstyles for men as well for a while which he then turned into dreads. Blonde dreads. But that might just have been a source of long hair top kek for meme creators on the internet.

How to Take Care of Your Long Hair

When you have long hair, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that it needs constant care. You hair has to be healthy and well looked after.

First of all, you need to be patient. You may hear from different people or read online about vitamins, oils or potions that you can take and which will make your hair grow faster. They don’t work. Our biology is simply not built for that. Every person has his own internal rhythm which dictates how fast or slow your hair grows and nothing can influence it.

Therefore, you will need to wait as long as it takes until your hair grows. In the meantime, you still have to go to the barber. This is another myth circulating – the fact that men who want to grow their hair long don’t have to go to the stylist or the barber at all. That’s wrong. You must go not to get a haircut length-wise but for the barber to trim off the dead ends of your hairs. This will ensure your hair is growing in a healthy way.

Another hugely important thing is brushing. This is yet another concept that is dismissed by most men as being too girly or not important to them, even when they’re growing their hair long. However, if you don’t brush your hair on a regular basis or after your shower, you will soon have a tangle of knots that will have to be cut out of your hair. Plus, knots attract lint and dirt. In time, it will start to turn white and smell. Brush your hair and wash it! Which brings us to this.

How to Clean Long Hair

When it comes to shampooing, you need to choose the appropriate product. For example, if you have dandruff, go for a product that will help clear the excess dead skin on your scalp. If you use a lot of hair styling products such as hair wax or hairspray, you will be much better off with a clarifying shampoo. Their formula washes off built in residues and leaves your hair feeling clean and healthy.

On the other hand, if your hair is dry, you should always use a creamy shampoo that has been enriched with natural oils. It will moisturize your hair and leave it feeling soft and supple.

When you have long hair, you will only need to wash your hair about two or three times a week. Don’t overdo it because you risk drying your hair and stripping it of its natural oils. If you want, you can also use conditioner as a way of replenishing your oils. You can apply it in the shower, and then rinse it out, or you can use a leave-in conditioner. The latter will also protect your hair from the damaging heat of the blow-dryer.

Are you ready for long hair?

How about you? Are you in love with any of the celebrities on our list and their long hair? Let us know in the comment section below how you feel about long hairstyles for men or if you have any questions!


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