How to Grow a Beard – An Essential Guide plus FAQs

Beards, beards, beards. It just so seems like in the past few years beards have absolutely taken over. It’s no secret that after the 90s and 2000s which were decades when men liked to shave as closely and cleanly as possible, the 2010s saw the resurgence of the very manly beard. Therefore, with facial hair being one of the biggest trends when it comes to styling for men, we have to ask ourselves one very important question – how to grow a beard.

This is exactly what we set out to detail in this article. All the ins and outs of growing a beard plus a set of exhaustive FAQs you’ve been asking since you were a teenager but maybe never got the answer to!

How to Grow a Beard

How to Grow a Beard – All the Details

Let’s dive right in and go through every step necessary to grow a thick and luscious beard that will have all the ladies swooning!

1.      Get your face ready for the beard

It might sound weird, but if you want to grow a beard, you will have to shave! Here’s how it works. Shave as close as possible right before you want to begin the lengthy process of growing that gorgeous facial hair of yours. It will stimulate the hair follicles.

Therefore, specialists recommend that you shave every single day for up to a week before you begin the process on how to grow a beard.

Another thing you need to do in preparation is to invest in a very high quality facial scrub. Evidently, you will also need to use it as often as you can. It will remove all the dead skin cells from the area and, in return it will prevent you from having that nasty beard dandruff you see in some men.

Don’t stop using the facial scrub when you beard starts growing! Your skin will still have dead skin cells that you need to remove regularly!

After a week or so of shaving, you can actually start to let your beard grow.

Here’s a pro tip – in the beginning, your beard will look small and scraggly. Therefore, you might want to pick a certain time to do this when you are not interacting with a lot of people. For example, your summer holiday or Christmas break sound like a good opportunity. You will be away from work and friends so you won’t have to hear everyone commenting how you suddenly look like a teenage boy who’s just hit puberty!

2.      Have patience through the patchy period

During the first month or so you will definitely experience a very patchy period, no matter how luxurious the hair on your head or body is. This is just how growing a beard works! Therefore, you need to be as patient as you possibly can. We promise it will get better! This is why we advised you to go through the beginning of the process while on holiday. So you wouldn’t have to worry about the patches.

However, if you really, really, can’t stand the patchy areas or if you haven’t taken a break from socializing and are feeling a bit awkward, there is something you can try. Some barbers advise shaving the patchy portions of your face against the grain. They claim that doing this will, in fact, force your beard hairs to grow thicker given the angle you used to cut them. We cannot guarantee it will work, but give it a go and see for yourself!

You can also try to trim your beard using different hair lengths. In other words what you’re trying to achieve here is have the healthy hairs cover up the shorter hairs in the patchy areas. It seems great in theory but we advise you to leave it to a professional barber!

How to Grow a Beard

3.      How to grow a beard – give it a shape

The first thing you need to do in this phase is determine which style would flatter you more. But here’s the trick. Don’t choose a beard style just because you fancy it. Sure, it might look good on Chris Evans or Leonardo DiCaprio but will it look good on you? The beard style you choose must flatter the type of face you have.

For example, if you have an elongated face, growing a goatee will not help. It will only serve to elongate your face even more, emphasizing the lankiness of your face. Goatees always work best on wide faces that can accommodate them.

Specialists agree that a well-chosen beard can make your face look symmetrical and hide away your flaws. A symmetrical face is, in other terms, a good looking face. And when we say symmetrical or good looking we often mean oval. This face shape is considered to be the most attractive of all.

So let’s look at an example. Let’s say that you have a square face such as Jason Momoa or classically square like Harry Styles. Then you will benefit from growing a long beard that will balance the harsh, angular lines and make your face a bit more oval and sweeter looking.

If you have a narrow type of face, you can go for a bushy beard that will give you more substance and make your face seem bigger overall.

However, no matter what you have in mind, you should always speak to your barber first. He will be able to give you the best advice about the shape of beard you should get.

4.      How to grow a beard – take care of the skin under it

Here’s a little secret. The more you take care of your skin, the better your facial hair will look. And now here is secret number two. Most men tend to forget skin care mostly because their bushy beard now covers up their faces. That’s one of the biggest mistakes you could possibly make, according to specialists.

If and when you have a short beard or even just a stubble, you must go for a facial scrub at least twice a week. Of course, you can use it more than that if you feel the need or less if your skin gets dry or you simply don’t flake as much.

Another thing you have to do is wash your beard as best as you can. Of course, there are countless beard soaps and shampoos out there. However, if you’re a simple type of guy who can’t be bothered or if you’re on a budget, here’s what you can do.

Wash your beard while you’re in the shower. Shampoo it well and try to work in the foam as close as you can to the roots of the hairs. It’s the only way to make sure you will get out all the dirt and grime. When you’re done, you can brush your beard and use a towel to dry it.

grow beard

What if my beard itches?

That can happen of course, if you don’t have a strict cleansing routine like the one we pointed out above. When it’s itchy it’s not actually the beard itself that itches but your skin which hasn’t seen soap or water in quite a long time. Or it could be that you got a rash for probably the same reasons.

One of the most important things to remember in this case is never to scratch your itchy spots. It will only make it worse. You can try dabbing a little cream, balm or even beard oil on it. Depending on the nature of your problem, try a product with an essential oil such as tea tree that can calm the itch and which has antifungal properties.

Plus, if you will ever want to shave off your beard completely, conditioning it with oil or balm will make the shave as smooth as butter. This is how to grow a beard the correct way!

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How to Grow a Beard – The FAQs You Always Wanted to Ask

Now that you know how to grow a beard, let’s get down to the most common questions asked about this topic!

· Why can’t some men grow a beard?

This has got to be the most asked question in the history of men and beards! Some men are just not able to grow facial hair. But why? Is it testosterone? A bit. Pun intended. First of all, not being able to grow a beard is genetic. Which means that, sadly, there is nothing you can do about it.

Second of all, yes. It does have to do with testosterone. The more of it you have, the more hair you will be able to grow all over your body. But the real culprit here is something called DHT or dihydrotestosterone.

You can think of DHT like a superhero testosterone. In order for it to make your beard grow, you will also need some androgen receptors on your skin. Evidently, the more of those you have for the DHT to cling to so that it can make the hair grow, the better. But some men, because of genetics, simply don’t have it!

· When will my beard start growing?

Of course, there is no exact science that can tell you the precise age at which your facial hair will appear for the first time. If you want to know how to grow a beard, you need to check how the men in your family have fared so far.

Still, most men get their first facial hair between 15 and 18 years of age. However, don’t expect it to be a lumberjack beard! It will most likely be fuzzy in nature and very patchy. A fully grown beard doesn’t grow until the age of 20 to say the least.

· How fast does the hair in my beard grow?

Once again, it’s highly important to understand and not minimize the individuality of this process. Every man is different in his own right. Therefore, some men’s beard might grow very slowly just like others’ could grow incredibly fast. Even so, we can say that the average rate of growth when it comes to beard hair is half an inch per month.

· Can I eat certain foods to make my beard grow faster?

This is a very important question that a lot of men who want to know how to grow a beard ask. However, while it is important to eat right and keep a healthy lifestyle, there are no conclusive studies showing that any foods are capable of making hair grow faster. That includes the hair on your head or your face. You just have to wait!

· Can I take vitamins to make my beard grow faster?

Once again there have been no conclusive studies showing that increasing the amount of vitamins you introduce to your system has any effect whatsoever on hair growth. But it is important to pose these questions if you want to learn how to grow a beard the correct way.

For example, you can watch a few videos on YouTube of different people who have taken vitamins for a certain period of time. They documented their hair growth but none has managed to say conclusively that their hair grew at a faster pace than normal.

· What is beard oil made of?

That depends on the brand and type you are using or thinking of buying. But, in general, beard oils have a combination of oils such as argan, jojoba, grape seed, coconut or hempseed oil. The oils themselves or the combinations are meant to treat a certain problem you have. They can cure your itchiness, make your skin less sensitive or treat dry skin. Do they work? Of course they do! Natural oils are used in many cosmetic products with amazing success, not just beard oil.

Instead of a conclusion

Here’s another FAQ that you were dying to know the answer to. Does beer help beard growth? Yes, it does! In fact, beer has silicon in it, which is presumed to increase the blood circulation. By doing so, it will stimulate the hair growth! So now you know how to grow a beard and that you are allowed to drink as much beer as you want, for a good purpose!

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