Heat Gun Vs. Hair Dryer – Which One Is Best for Your Needs?

Heat gun vs. hair dryer – the great debate is about to be solved right here and right now. There is absolutely no doubt that both a heat gun and a hair dryer are somewhat similar. They have the same design, both tools blow hot air and, according to some experts, you could even use them for similar things.

But does that mean that a heat gun and a hair dryer are interchangeable? Can you buy one and forget about the other? Or if one of them breaks down can you use the other? This is exactly the type of question that we are here to answer for you. Here are all the details in the great heat gun vs. hair dryer debate. 

Heat Gun Vs. Hair Dryer

The Difference Between Heat Gun Vs. Hair Dryer 

Naturally, we need to start off this debate by establishing exactly what is a heat gun and what is a hair dryer. Defining both tools becomes crucial when you understand that using either of them for the wrong purposes can actually end up hurting you. 

What is a heat gun? 

To put it as simply as possible, you can think of a heat gun as being more or less the same as a hair dryer. To be more specific, this means that they are the same type of tool. Just like hairdryers, heat guns also blow hot air, which means that the concept behind them is exactly the same.  

The difference is the fact that heat guns are much more powerful than hairdryers. The range of their temperature can go from 300 degrees to 1200 degrees. There are even some heat guns that can go beyond that and which are typically used for industrial purposes. 

As you probably have imagined for yourself, a hair dryer cannot blow hot air to these extreme temperatures. The reason is that a hair dryer is meant to be used on your face and hair. Therefore, hot temperatures such as these could harm you.  

What do you use a heat gun for? 

This is also a fantastic question if we are to establish the great heat gun vs. hair dryer debate once and for all. Heat guns are perfect if you want to remove paint, shrink wrap, fix smart phones, and more tasks such as these. However, if you want and are skilled enough, you can actually use a heat gun for nearly everything around the household. It just takes a little practice. 

What is a hair dryer? 

Now let’s talk about the much more common and much more widely understood hairdryer. It is most likely that everyone who has taken a shower knows what a hair dryer is. But for the sake of making this guide as complete and objective as possible let’s define hairdryers nonetheless.  

A hair dryer has the same concept as a heat gun. It is a household tool that blows cold and hot air. The difference between a hair dryer and a heat gun is that the latter blows hot air at much lower temperatures then a heat gun. In this way, you can use it on your hair and body quite safely.  

Despite the fact that hair dryers have the original purpose to dry your hair and skin, you can also use them for other purposes around the house. For example, quite a lot of people use hairdryers for small DIY projects, for art and crafts projects, for school projects to help their children, as well as to fix things around the house. Which brings us to the main idea of this guide. Heat gun vs. hair dryer – which one is better? 

Heat Gun Vs. Hair Dryer  – Can I Use One Instead of the Other? 

The simple answer to this question would be that it depends. As we have already mentioned, the concept behind both tools is the same. Both a heat gun and a hair dryer are similar tools meant to blow hot air. 

The main difference between the two is the fact that a heat gun can blow hot air up to 1200 degrees and even more. By comparison, a hair dryer can only blow cool to warm air that can be easily tolerated by the human skin.  

As a result, whether or not you can use one instead of the other depends on the task or project you want to use them on. For example, you can use a heat gun to remove paint or shrink wrap. If you do not have a heat gun for the purpose of these tasks and want to use a hair dryer instead, you might not be able to. Your hair dryer will only be able to blow warm air which won’t have the capability to remove paint or shrink wrap. 

Heat gun cannot replace a hair dryer

Another way of putting it is the fact that using one tool instead of the other only goes one way. Keep in mind that this is not a two way street. What does this mean? In very simple words, you can use a hair dryer instead of a heat gun, but not a heat gun instead of a hair dryer.  

If you are planning on working on a very simple or very small task around your house that doesn’t involve high heat and if you have a lot of time on your hands, you can switch your heat gun for a hair dryer. it will take considerably longer, since the hair dryer is not able to produce such high heat as a heat gun, but you might be able to get the task done eventually. 

However, you will never be able to replace your hair dryer with the heat gun. Please do not attempt to blow dry your hair with a heat gun! As mentioned before, heat guns produced anything between 300 and 1200 degrees temperature of the hot air they blow. As a result, you will not be able to point this stream of hot air towards your head.  

Heat Gun Vs. Hair Dryer – What’s to Use Them on 

Now that we have learned the main similarities and differences between these two tools, let’s get a little more practical. What can you use a heat gun vs. hair dryer on? Here is the definitive list. 

What to use a heat gun on 

  • to dry paint – if you want to drive paint manually you will need at least 250 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • bend plastic – a minimum of 250 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • remove floor coverings – you will need a minimum of 350 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • defrost your refrigerator – a minimum of 250 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • unfreeze a frozen lock – it works with a temperature of minimum 350 degrees Fahrenheit 
  • remove paint – only with a minimum temperature of 750 degrees Fahrenheit. 
  • unfreeze frozen water pipes – it will only work at a minimum 1150 degrees Fahrenheit heat. As a result, in the heat gun vs. hair dryer debate, your hair dryer will not unfreeze your water pipes. 
  • remove a rusted bolt – only a minimum temperature of 1150 degrees Fahrenheit will melt rust off a bolt. Your hair dryer will not work. 

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What to use a hair dryer on 

Unlike the heat gun, the most common use of a hair dryer is pretty obvious. Hair dryers are made to dry your hair and scalp. But since this is a complete and exhaustive guide on heat gun vs. hair dryer, here are some other situations in which you could use your trusty hair dryer. 

  • warm your bed in the winter – this is a very creative way to use your hair dryer that will keep you warm in the cold season. However, another warning is necessary here. Please do not fall asleep with the hair dryer in bed or under the covers. At the same time, when it comes to heat gun vs. hair dryer, please do not use a heat gun to warm up your sheets or under the covers. You run the risk of setting your sheets on fire, especially if they are made of silk or polyester. 
  • drying off wet vegetables and fruit – in case you don’t have a tea towel or paper napkins. 
  • stretch a pair of tight shoes – you can put on a few pairs of socks, wear your tight shoes over the socks and try to heat them up with your hair dryer. However, please be aware that this will only work for shoes that are made of genuine leather. 
  • defrost frozen products – although we do have to warn you that this will take a really long time. Therefore, if you have a few hours to waste, you can defrost an entire cake using your hair dryer. 

What not to use a hair dryer on 

  • dry off your wet nail polish – although this is a good concept, we recommend that you use more specialized solutions for drying off wet nail polish. Using a hair dryer on your nails will, in fact, make them hot extremely quickly which could end up hurting you. 
  • remove water rings off your furniture – when discussing a heat gun vs. hair dryer, please do not use a heat gun to remove water rings from your furniture. This could permanently damage your furniture if it is made of wood or metal. Or it could melt its surface if it is made of plastic. 
  • heat your eyelash curler – please do not expose your eyelash curler to the heat of your hair dryer for more than a few seconds at a time. Especially if the eyelash curler is made of metal. Please understand that the metal will get hot extremely quickly and might burn your eyelids.  

Heat Gun Vs. Hair Dryer – FAQs 

We know that after all this information you have a lot of questions to ask. Therefore, we have prepared a series of FAQs that will answer all of those questions in a quick and simple way. 

  • Can you use a hair dryer to shrink wrap? 

Yes, you can definitely use your personal hair dryer if you want to shrink different types of wrap or film. However, please understand that this is not recommended in any way. It is a very dangerous procedure to do. Apart from that, it will take an extremely long time, which might prove ineffectual. You can think about using a hair dryer to shrink wrap in the same way as cleaning your floors by using a toothbrush. It will get the job done but very badly and in an extremely long time. If you have to choose between heat gun vs. hair dryer, choose the heat gun. 

  • Can you heat a room with a hair dryer? 

Yes, you can. But it will take an extremely long time to heat an entire room using just a small hair dryer, and you will use a lot of electricity in doing so. Apart from that, by the time you managed to heat the room sufficiently, most of the heat will have probably escaped already. The hair dryer which is the source of heat in this case, is much too small to heat the room sufficiently before the heat manages to escape. 

  • Can a hair dryer melt solder? 

No, it cannot. A household tool such as a hair dryer does not produce a high enough temperature to melt solder. At the same time, it can also not shrink your tubing. If you are trying to do any of these things, we recommend that you use a heat gun vs. hair dryer. It will do the job much better and much faster.  

  • Can I open my phone with a heat gun? 

Yes, you can. The idea behind this is to melt the adhesive that is holding your mobile phone together. Therefore, you can use both a heat gun and a hair dryer to do that. However, it is not recommended in any way to attempt doing this on your own. In this case, both the heat gun vs. hair dryer are much too strong and produce too much heat for something as sensitive as a mobile phone.  

Heat Gun Vs. Hair Dryer – What’s the Conclusion? 

The main conclusion that we can draw from this complete guide on heat gun vs. hair dryer is that you will need to own both. If you are a man who is both into his looks but also wants to take care of tasks around the household, you will definitely need to own both a heat gun and hair dryer. Just think how much easier it will be to fix things around the house when your hair looks perfect! 

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