Exquisite Flat Top Haircuts (40 TOP PICKS)

The task of looking good goes beyond putting on stylish attire and a nice pair of shoes. Putting up a good haircut is a boost to the task of keeping up a breathtaking appearance that will spin heads. Longer strands were formerly under women’s monopoly but with the help of nice hair products, men are already buying into the idea. Now, it is not a surprise to have men putting up longer hairstyles, as a means to show off their new locks.

The flat top haircut is one of the favored hairstyles. For decades, it topped the charts as a haircut for every classy individual. On the other hand, the cut needs a great deal of styling, and you must be ready to spend to maintain the looks. Despite the fact that the name suggests having longer strands at the top, there are lots of variations you can try. If you are not blessed with enough hair, a skilled barber can still offer you an exquisite flat top without hassles. Perhaps, you are already taking to this style. If this is what you admire and want to have a taste of it on your next appointment to the barbers, we have a collection of forty (40) flat top haircuts to inspire you.

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  • The Gray Inspiration

At some point in our lives, the hay and bubbling days of the youth start taking a walk from us, and the prospects of old age knocks at our doors. One of the choicest locations in the body that attests to this is the few strands left of our balding head. If you still want to catch a last fling of your youth and display the last shades of your youth, consider getting this haircut. The gray strands can make a whole of changes to the face; especially, when styled by a skilled barber.

High Top + Faded Sides

If you still have some youth and a great amount of locks, it will be a good idea to take up this style. It is clear that will be a good fit for an oval face, and will require a generous amount of a styling product to keep it in top shape. To get a clean cut, direct the barber to apply low fades at the sides, prop up the strands at the top, and widen them when he’s through.

The Tapering

It is worth noting that hair stylists are trying their hands on different perceptive to the flat top haircut. This time, the tapers can combine with the style to create a unified look. To achieve this, let the taper fades and shaving tag along at the sides, and the top kept short.

Flat Top Fade

The fades – whether the high, skin, bald, or low, are unique assets to every hairstyle. For the stylish man, it could mean a clean look and a step to putting up a nice look. For this cut, a high skin fade at the sides will be a compliment to the lineup that cleans up the hairline.

The Classic

A barber without a good poster stands the risk of having enough turnovers. It is a bet that you take the cue to style your hair after seeing a nice style on the posture. Consider getting this classic style for a nice look. The tapered sides and the tilting top are a good combination for a unified look.

  • The Thinning Hair

It is a fact that the flat top is basically for men with longer locks to show off. However, if you are not blessed with this and you still want to take a shot at the haircut, this style will inspire you. To add more color, consider using a good hair product to achieve the blonde look.

  • Flat Top + Side Part

Most men love to remain in charge, and are not in a hurry to give in to their older years that crawl to them. The side part hairstyle is a nice addition that not only makes a cut unique, but also brings back the youthful look. Consider adding this to your wavy hair for a detailed look.

  • The Slick Back

There are different variations to the flat top haircut. It can be an upward tilt, a level cut, or a downward slope. In this case, the latter is the inherent property. Slick back haircuts are perfect on a wavy hair. Consider keeping the sloping design in mind when styling.

  • Artistic Impressions

It takes a lot of courage to get this style done. Think about the weird stares and the disapproving looks on faces when you take a walk. If you can shoulder the blames, it will be a good deal to seal your fashion taste with an artistic design on your locks.

Medium Pompadour

The pomp (as it is often called) is also an “oldie” in the haircut industry. The versatility paves the way for an easy integration into the flat top. If you want to throw two shades into one, and derive the accolades that come with both cuts, then this is a right option for you.

The Single File

A great number of innovations have rocked the hairstyle industry in general and specific hairstyles in particular. An oval is literally the only “tool” you need to pull off this look. Remember to add a clean shave at the sides and trim the top for a clean look.

Angled Front

This might pass for the traditional version of the hairstyle in view. If you have an eye for details, it is easy to decipher that the front has more accentuation, and features some fades that distinguish the top from the tapered sides.

The Classic Pomp

The pompadour haircut takes another shot with the integration of the longer version of the style. It takes a great deal of styling to pull this off. The pomp glides from the front and stop a few inches after the crown. Low fades come to roost at the sides with a connected sideburn to complete the look.

  • The Blurry Fade

Variation is the spice to a nice haircut. If you fancy the thoughts of combining two cuts into one, consider getting a blurry fade. This style creates strikes a difference between the medium length hair at the top and the skin fades at the sides.

The Blonde  Inspiration

A colored hairstyle, such as the blonde is not your everyday kind of look. Most times, stylish men that want to stand out of the crowd with their hairstyle take to using a good hair product to achieve this look. The secret to puling this off is to apply tapers to the sides and maintain medium length hair at the top.

  • Side Sweep + Side Part

It takes a lot of skill on the part of the barber to style this cut. The side sweep is very exquisite and looks good on almost every face. The medium length hair is divided into two portions – the swept hair and the side part. You can keep the style in top shape with the help of a good hair product (preferably gel).

  • The Military Inspiration

The military cut has many variations that bring out the facial features. You can get your hand on this classic style and turn heads everywhere you go. Sides are faded to the skin. The top is acutely trimmed to give a clean look.

  • The Waves

A curly hair is the secret to pull off this unique look. It will be a better show-off if you can style the cut on voluminous strands. There is not much work to be done here – a few tapers at the sides, and a little trimming to keep the top shiny.

Rounded Pompadour

It is a truism that the pomp can take different styles to create a dignified look. What we have here is a style that is not so popular but which has the capacity to reinvent your flat top hairstyle. The front gets carvings that enhance that enhance the features of the hair. You might consider adding a connected look with sideburns for a glamorous appearance.

Flat Top + Hard Part

How about some creativity in your haircut? This is the opening you might be looking for to hitch a ride to spinning look. The hard part never fails to bring out the best in your hairstyle, and forging alliance with the flat top is a nice way to drive home the point.

The Medium Mohawk

Every man who loves creative looks and signature haircuts will not hesitate to style this impressive cut. The Mohawk hairstyle is not just stylish but throws in some adventurous trend when styled rightly. This time, in order to merge forces with the flat top, it takes a medium shape – moving in a single file from the front to the nape of the neck.

Recreated Mohawk

“Adventure” is the name of the game, and if you must achieve this style, it is important to groom the hair to an enviable height. The voluminous hair makes the way from the front and drops an inch before the crown. A razor line parts the Mohawk figure on the top from the low fades at the sides. This is quite an inspirational look and you can make many fashion statements with it.

  • Sloppy Tapers

The haircut in view takes a walk from the traditional flat top haircut. It entails trimming the voluminous top to a medium length. This takes a curl to create a stub-like appearance. For the sides, apply the low fade, and introduce a razor line to finish the job.

  • Wavy Hawk + Hard Part

Talking of the power of trinity, the hairstyle right here exemplifies what a triple haircut variation can do. The waves combine with the Mohawk to create this look and the hard part comes in to distinguish the two. If you love some adventure, consider adding a disconnected sideburn for a complete look.


There is no denying the fact that the inspiration for the flat top haircut might have taken root here. The flatbed entails keeping the top pronounced, and throwing fades at the sides for a uniform look.

Slanting Cliff

The pompadour is a good style to pull off this look. The high top with the appearance of a cliff slants backwards and naturally dissolves into the fades at the nape of the neck. It also takes a swipe at dissolving into the wilderness of bareness at the sides.

The Clean Look

The Mohawk and curls join powers to bring forth this look. Even though it is not anywhere close to being a flatbed, it still stands firm and tilts forward with pride. Applying fades to the skin will be a good idea, as it helps in taking off wandering eyes from the sides and redirecting the same to the top.

The Glowing Waves

You might be forgiven to mistake this for a slick back. Though they share the same comb-back the style is more pronounced, as it has wider margins to cover. Low fades feature at the sides and extend all the way down to the nape of the neck. It will be a good idea to connect sideburns for a complete look.

Medium Flat Top

You would agree that this cut demands a lot on the part of the barber. With the right tools and skills the stylist can create this exquisite look for you. The flat and rounded top gets a compliment from the skin fade at the sides.

Wide High Top

There is never a thing you cannot achieve with a voluminous hair. For this style, it will be a nice idea to trim the top in order to get rid of spiky strands. Remember to apply skin fades to the sides and throw some carvings at the front to nail the classy look.

The Beardy Look

Rocking a well-trimmed beard compliments the looks of every classy man. For the flat top, it is a different ball game. The medium strand at the top tally with the skin fades at the sides and distances itself from the disconnected look created by the full beard.

Medium Length + Beard

Keep the top neat and classy by trimming the strands to a shorter length. Skin fades have a way of keeping the sides neat. To blow your appearance out of proportion, consider rocking a disconnected and well-trimmed beard.

The Bossy Look

This is perhaps, one out of the few recreations of the flat top hairstyle that suits plus-sized men. It will be a good idea to shave the sides and back, whether you are blessed with enough strands or not and then leave medium-wavy strands at the top. You might consider rocking a full beard for a mature look.

  • Low Flat Top

A bit of strands at the top and shaved sides are all you require to create this look. The icing on the cake is that the style requires little effort and you can get it done in few minutes. It won’t be a bad idea to rock a disconnected beard.

  • The Cute Version

The longer strands might not be the taste of everyone and cannot suit all faces. Go for this style that brings out your facial features. Tapers go all the way from the nape to the sides, leaving the top with enough locks to show off.

Medium Spikes

The spiky hairstyle can be messy but if the barber is a master in his game, there won’t be any trouble in getting this style up and running. Make sure the tapers feature at the sides and the face is beardless.

  • Flat Top + Full Beard

There is no gainsaying the fact that beards are the signature in every haircut. Coming into the flat top, it makes positive impressions and channels eyes from the skin fades at the sides to the handsome face.

  • Classic Trim

Not everyone fancies the length that comes with this hairstyle. If you are in this school of thought, a short and trimmed haircut as the one we have here is the ticket to creating a dignified look.

High Top + Beard

Take the voluminous strands to the next level by styling into a high top. Apply low fades at the sides, and disconnect the look with a full beard.

The Quiff

Messy haircuts do not look good if not well-styled. However, with inspiration from the quiff, you can reinvent your flat top and hit the ground running with a clean look. To achieve this, apply few fades at the sides, and comb the front to have a tilting shape. A subtle and disconnected beard is all you need to complete the look.

Flatten the Top

A nice haircut stands you out of the crowd, and when styled with different hairdos, it has a way of keeping you ahead of others with different haircuts. If you have voluminous hair or looking at rocking a new hairstyle, our collection of the flat top haircuts will inspire you to the right direction.

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