11 Edgar Haircut Ideas that Are Super Hot Right Now

2020 was a year full of memorable events. As a result, something was also bound to happen in the world of hairstyling that could match the unprecedented energy the year 2020 had. If you haven’t already guessed, although we’re pretty sure you have, we are talking about the Edgar haircut. Without a doubt, this is one of the absolute most popular trends for men to come out of the year 2020.  

On the one hand, the Edgar haircut is extremely low maintenance, it is very modern, and some might call it even stylish. Therefore, it’s a great choice for boys and men who wants a versatile and easy going hairstyle. However, on the other hand, the Edgar haircut has created one of the absolute most popular memes in modern history. Not only that, but this haircut has also become very controversial, with some even calling it the hood bowl. At this point in time, there are still many people in the online world more than willing to take the Edgar haircut for a ride.  

So, can you wear the Edgar haircut and make it stylish or is it just meme fodder? Let’s break this all down. 



Cool Edgar Haircut Ideas You Can Try 

There is absolutely no doubt that, despite all the memes and jokes that the internet has come up with, the Edgar haircut is still incredibly cool, modern, and fresh. So, here are a few ideas on how you can wear this beautiful hairstyle. 

Geometric Edgar Haircut 

If you have very straight hair, this might prove a very popular idea. The reason is that this geometric Edgar haircut will benefit from your beautiful straight hair. Your locks will prevent the hairstyle from becoming too boring. Instead, it will give the Edgar haircut this amazing, almost geometric look. This particular style will make you look as if you have just walked off a runway at the Paris Fashion Week. Can you imagine how lit your Instagram selfies will be? 

However, we must warn you about one thing. Make sure you are extremely careful about the front section of this particular hairstyle. And by that we mean the signature forward combed set of very bold bangs that you will have to get if you love this look. Even though you have very straight hair and you think you might not need to add any kind of product to your hair, you will still have to. 


Edgar haircut for straight hair

Despite being one of the easiest types and textures of hair to work with, straight hair still needs a little help. If the weather doesn’t work in your favor, you might still need to use a little clay or pomade just to make sure that your hair isn’t frizzy or dry. Apart from that, every type of hair needs to be moisturized as much as possible.  

But here’s the trick. When it comes to the Edgar haircut, make sure not to add any clay or other hair styling products to the forward part of the hairstyle. Quite the opposite of that, you should always focus on the back and middle portions of the haircut. As you can see from this beautiful example, the back is in fact the most interesting element of this version of the haircut. It looks geometric and almost architectural in shape. Therefore, if you are interested in this version of the Edgar haircut, forget about the front and focus on the back.  

Blonde Edgar Haircut 

How can you make an Edgar haircut even edgier and more interesting than it already is? Dye your hair blonde or platinum if you’re really brave. Needless to say, as you might have already noticed for yourself, bleached blonde hair has been making a gigantic comeback in the past few years. Why not hop on this hair styling trend and mixed your beloved Edgar haircut with a set of bleached blonde locks? 

The reason why this combination can work so well for you is the following. The Edgar haircut is already one of the edgiest hairstyles around. It is absolutely brimming with attitude. Not to mention the fact that this is a hairstyle meant from brave men. As a result, platinum or bleach blonde hair will only take it to the next level. Even blonde highlights can do that if you’re not willing to commit to the process of bleaching your hair entirely.  

Bleach blonde hair men

Platinum hair on a man is extremely eye catching and sends off very daring vibes, so why not go for it? But we do have to warn you about one thing if you’re interested in this idea. 

Please do not attempt to bleach your own hair at home. At best, you will end up in one of Brad Mondo’s bleach failing videos. And at worst, you might burn your hair off with the bleaching solution. Please understand that bleach contains very harsh chemicals that can and will affect your hair, scalp, skin, and eyes. If you want to get your hair bleached, please reach out to a professional salon who can do this for you in the safest way possible. 

What Is the Edgar Haircut? 

Here is a very simple way to explain or describe this incredibly popular hairstyle. If you want to understand the Edgar haircut, imagine that the bowl haircut and the Caesar hairstyle had a baby. And named it Edgar. And he’s Mexican. This is probably the best way to describe it. If we were to go a little bit more into detail, we could also tell you the following. 

The Edgar haircut can be described technically as a very short hairstyle for men that is a combination between the Caesar haircut and the bowl cut. When it comes to the top your hair. The sides and the back of your head are up to you. In this way, you can either choose undercuts or a high fade. The Edgar haircut is a hairstyle that requires a lot of attitude and is perfect for very thick hair.  

When it comes to face types, the Edgar haircut looks best on square faces that will be sweetened by the forward brush of this variation on the Caesar hairstyle.

Tips and Tricks about the Haircut 

Every version of this hairstyle has a very blunt set of bangs which needs to hang on your forehead. You have some freedom to choose in the sense that your bangs can hang in a number of ways. For example, you can wear them in the middle of the forehead, very close to the line of your eyebrows, or get a set of baby bangs. The latter will be very high up on your forehead nearing your hairline. 

You also have freedom when it comes to the back and the sides of the haircut. Let your creativity run wild and do what you want with this part of the Edgar. If you are going for a long version of this haircut, make sure that the top part of the hairstyle is rounded and has more of a mushroom shape. 

You can also pair your Edgar haircut with any type of fade you want. Choose the very traditional low, medium, and high fades if this is what pleases you most. But you can also go for a temple fade or a taper fade seeing as they have been extremely popular in the past few years.  

How Can You Style an Edgar Haircut? 

Styling this gorgeous haircut depends on many factors. For example, if you have the type of hair that can naturally hold its shape, styling will become extremely easy for you. All you need to do is blow your hair dry just so to set it in place.  

However, if you have soft or fine hair in terms of texture, we recommend that you use pomade. This type of hair product will help your hair hold its shape much better. Not only that, but it will also help your bangs from becoming too unruly throughout the day. 

Tip – use a type of pomade that is water based as opposed to a classic formula that is usually based on grease or Vaseline. The reason is that the latter version will cause your hair and scalp to become very greasy or oily much faster. The extra grease in your hair and scalp can quickly lead to buildup. Not only that but Vaseline based pomades can also cause acne around your hairline. This is actually known as pomade acne. It is caused by the grease in the hair product which clogs up your skin and causes it to break out.  

Another thing that you might not be aware of when it comes to Vaseline based pomade is the fact that this hair product is extremely difficult to wash out of your hair. In fact, some users even report that they needed to wash their hair with dish soap to remove the product.  

Where Does the Haircut Come from? 

This hairstyle has its origins in Mexico where teenage boys started wearing it as a variation of the much better known Caesar hairstyle. As a result, it has become one of the most popular hairstyles of the past few years among Latin men.  

The Edgar haircut is also called the Takuache haircut. This is the Spanish word for possum, if we were to talk in literary terms. However, the word is also slang when referring to a specific group of, most likely Mexican, people. According to old memes that have sprung from the Edgar haircut, they love three things – the truck meet life style, dropped trucks, and burnouts. This is of course a joke. But since we have already mentioned the memes, let’s talk a little more about that.

The Edgar Haircut Meme 

Few other haircuts have inspired more memes then the Edgar hairstyle. Of course, it was to be expected seeing as the Edgar haircut is literally a combination between a bowl haircut and a Caesar hairstyle. Neither of its parent hairstyles are the epitome of cool, so to say. As a result, the Edgar haircut in itself was bound to raise some eyebrows and get some giggles out of the online community as a whole.  

But, the internet being what it is, it had an absolute field day taking the mickey out of the Edgar haircut. For example the Urban Dictionary has a fantastic way of explaining what this hairstyle is. And, at the same time, making fun of it and bringing Edgar haircut memes into discussion. 

They, of course, say that this hairstyle is a Mexican version of the Caesar. Most people who wear the Edgar haircut are teenage boys who live in Dallas or Houston. However, when inquired, they will absolutely swear that they are from the hood and, of course, black. Teenagers who love to wear the Edgar haircut overuse the word foo. Not only that, but they seem to think that cheating on your girlfriend is perfectly acceptable as long as you wear the Edgar haircut.  

How is the haircut perceived? 

The Urban Dictionary also specifies that the Edgar haircut is also known by name the hood bowl cut. So, if the description above wasn’t offensive enough, you know they’ve done it now. According to them, you can find the hood bowl cut all over areas such as California, Nevada, Arizona, and New Mexico.  

It’s important to mention here that all of this is a joke. Apart from that, the description of the Edgar haircut put together by the Urban Dictionary is simply a mockery. It is meant to go with the Edgar haircut memes that have been circulating online ever since teenage boys have been starting to wear this particular hairstyle. In no way does Urban Dictionary nor we condone judgmental attitudes towards any cultures or subcultures. 

What Are Your Thoughts on the Edgar Haircut? 

Now that we have gone through all the details about the Edgar haircut from its origins to the subculture that wears it the most, to tips and tricks on how to wear this haircut so that you look perfect when you wear it, what are your thoughts on the Edgar haircut? Let us know in the comment section below!

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