80 Best David Beckham Hair Ideas for 2020

The reason why soccer superstar David Beckham is such an icon when it comes to hairstyling is not just that he has an amazing head of hair. In fact, it’s because he was brave enough to try almost every single haircut out there from his teenage years to the present moment. Yes, you name it, David Beckham has worn it! Cornrows, Mohawk, pompadour, man bun, ponytail, messy top knot, buzz cut, long hair, blonde hair, bleached, 90s heartthrob, literally anything you can think of. And this is exactly what we’ve compiled in this piece. 80 of the best and most inspiring David Beckham hair ideas you could hope for!


Variations on the Buzz Cut

Let’s start off easily with two variations on the buzz cut which the soccer player really seemed to love for the longest of time. The first one is a 2000s buzz cut with a few gelled spikes on top, brown ombre sunglasses, and diamond earrings. They were so fashionable during that decade. The second is a very straightforward and classic buzz cut. He paired it with a suit and tie on the red carpet and it made him look very dapper and elegant.

The Pompadour

This has been his hairstyling obsession as of late. In other words, David Beckham has been styling his hair in the pompadour manner for the past few years. It’s understandable for a number of reasons. It’s one of the coolest hairstyles of the decade. Plus, the former soccer player is now in his 40s. The pompadour is very elegant and allows him to express his inner creativity and rebellion in a more subdued manner than before.

There have been some rumors circulating online about a David Beckham hair transplant, but we might have to dismiss them. This soccer player simply seems to have a very beautiful and luscious head of hair without any outside help.

Vintage David Beckham Hair Ideas

Even though he wears pompadours and fades now, these are not the haircuts that made him famous. There was a time when David Beckham was the most well-known and notorious footballer in the world. And not just because of what he did on the soccer pitch. But because of his outrageous David Beckham hair as well.

There was his blonde ponytail when he was playing for Real Madrid Football Club in Spain. It really set him apart from everyone else. He wore the famous number 23 and became one of the ‘galacticos’ of Real Madrid’s golden era.

He also got corn rows which, unfortunately, weren’t met with a lot of praise from fans and critics alike. But the important thing is that he was brave enough to try them. The soccer player also used to wear a headband to keep his medium length hair back. This was when he belonged to the Manchester football club. David got a Mohawk around that time as well which made him look like a true warrior.

But probably one of the most iconic David Beckham hair styles was his 90s heartthrob haircut. At first, he just went for the haircut alone, in his natural chestnut brown hair color. However, then he became a little more famous and started dating Victoria Adams. At that time, she was better known as Posh Spice of the Spice Girls.

So he bleached his hair and got blonde highlights as well. That’s how he became a romantic interest for girls the world over, not just a soccer player that men could watch during a match once a week.

Mature David Beckham Hairstyles

There’s a big difference between the way he used to look in his early twenties with blonde highlights and a 90s boyband haircut and the way he looks now when he’s a father of four and a man in his forties. He loves his natural hair color a lot more and wears a very well-groomed beard almost all the time. We can’t deny the fact that he has aged in a fantastic way and that he is a great source of inspiration for any man out there!

When it comes to his mature style, we also need to mention the David Beckham facial hair. The soccer player now wears a beard that suits him perfectly. Especially since you can peek his neck tattoos through it. A pompadour and a beard are a match made in heaven!

David Beckham Mohawk Hairstyle

If you paid any attention at all during the 2000s, you know that David Beckham getting a Mohawk was a huge thing. He was at the height of his fame and any changes he made to his appearance immediately transformed into a headline in the newspapers. Therefore, when he shaved off all his hair save for a little sliver in the middle which we call the Mohawk, the magazines had a field day.

Evidently, he looked absolutely fabulous like he does in most of his hairstyles. Plus, he chose to pair that Mohawk with a goatee and his signature earrings. He used to wear them heavily in the 2000s decade. Granted, the look was a lot to take in but David Beckham was the most famous athlete in the world at that point in time. Plus, he was handsome enough to pull anything off.

Since then, he has gotten several variations on the classic Mohawk, although never the traditional one again. It so seems as if once was more than enough for him. However, since he did get a few other types of Mohawk or fauxhawk as we now call them, this might be an indication that he still yearns for the way he looked back then.

David Beckham Long Hair

From a shaved Mohawk let’s dive right into our favorite soccer player with long locks. Yes, David Beckham even had several periods in his life when he grew his hair out. And guess what? He looked absolutely amazing!

Of course. When you’re one of the most handsome men on the planet, what could go wrong? Absolutely nothing. Even long, unnaturally blonde hair that has been clearly bleached and then dyed blonde suits you. We say it’s all in the attitude, and there’s a lesson in that!

David started growing his hair for the first time back in the 2000s when he got transferred from Manchester United to Real Madrid. One might argue that it was the psychological impact that made him do it. In the end, you know what Coco Channel used to say. A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life. Perhaps that’s what happened to him as well.

The soccer player grew his locks to medium length and always dyed them a very artificial blonde. He used to style them in low ponytails when he was on the soccer pitch or high and little ones when he would be seen on the red carpet.

Later in life, in the 2010s, David returned to long, blonde hair a few more times. He either sported a messy top knot a la Leonardo DiCaprio or simply wore his straight hair falling on his shoulders with a middle part. One can only wonder what emotional turmoil he was going through then. Still, the David Beckham hair was amazing.

David Beckham Hair Styling Advice

Seeing as David Beckham can be rightfully named the ultimate inspiration when it comes to grooming and styling, it’s only appropriate that we share some secrets and tips on how you can style your hair right at home to look more like him.

Evidently, it all starts with the David Beckham hair style you want to copy. Choose a haircut you love the most depending on your own preferences. Do you like his shoulder long hair, bleached blonde, cornrows, Mohawk, buzz cut or 90s boyband hairstyle?

Then you can start looking for tutorials on how to get that specific hairstyle. Don’t worry! There are plenty of them on YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram so you won’t be lacking in the information department. All you have to do is invest as much time and energy as possible because it will take some practice until you get it right.

Styling Tips and Tricks for David Beckham Hair

The second thing you need to be aware of when we’re talking about David Beckham hair ideas and how to style yourself to look more like him is the following. You need to use the right products for each hairstyle you’ve chosen.

For example, if you want long and straight hair just like his, you will need to invest in a high-quality hair straightener. It will help you style your hair every day. Don’t forget about a powerful conditioner to keep your locs moisturized. You will also need a spray or oil to protect you from the straightener’s heat.

If you’re in love with his blonde hair, then you will first have to bleach your mane and then apply the shade of blonde of your choosing. However, we strongly advise you not to bleach your hair at home. Bleach is very damaging and may result in loss of hair if not handled correctly. Please book a session with a hairstylist who has been trained to do this. He or she will be able to bleach and dye your hair blonde in the correct fashion.

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David Beckham used to wear a lot of hair gel for his hairstyles in the 90s and 2000s. This is why his hair always seemed wet or as if he had just gotten out of the shower. Yes, those decades were big on gel! Therefore, you can replicate that look if you buy some as well.

But be careful! This is not the moment to be stingy. Invest in a high-quality styling product that will not only give you David Beckham hair but will also moisturize your locks. Gel can also help make your hair a lot more versatile and easy to work with in case you ever want to braid it, get dreadlocks or cornrows, exactly as this soccer player once had.

Hair Care and Styling Product for David Beckham Hair

Some other hair care and styling products you can incorporate in your routine so as to get that coveted David Beckham hair are mousse, hair wax, and hairspray. Evidently, it all depends on what hairstyles you’re going for and what type of hair you have.

Mousses usually have alcohol in them so they will dry your hair very much. Keep that in mind when you use them. Wax, especially if it’s a natural product will moisturize your locks but it will also be extremely difficult to wash out of your hair. Apart from that, wax can also create deposits if not washed off well enough.

If you have fine or thin hair, you may find that wax is a bit too much to handle or that it’s simply too heavy for your hair. Therefore, maybe this is a product meant for men with a thicker mane who want David Beckham hair.

David Beckham Photoshoot Hair Ideas

Most people would agree that the David Beckham hair in photoshoots is one of the best gifts given to humanity. However, speaking from a hairstyling point of view, this a very interesting topic to take into account. That’s because you can get a lot of inspiration from one of his photoshoots. Especially if you’re interested in the David Beckham hair world.

Throughout the years, David has done photoshoots while wearing his favorite buzz cut, messy 2000s spikes, or gelled backcombs when he used to wear medium-length hair in his signature bleached blonde.

However, lately he has also sat for the camera in some very beautiful pompadours. These are as close to perfection as they can get. If you’re looking for inspiration, that’s where you’ll find it!

David Beckham started as a hairstyling icon in his early twenties when he was wearing a boyband gelled haircut in his natural brown hair color. Since then he has had a myriad of hairstyles that have inspired the world over to be a little bolder and take some chances. Don’t forget. It’s just hair!

What about you? Have you ever been inspired by any David Beckham hair ideas? Write to us in the comment section below to let us know!

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