55 Cornrow Hairstyles For Men that Look Super Cool

Cornrows men hairstyles are some of the most popular hair styling choices of all time. Not only that, but cornrows are also an extremely practical choice if you need to protect your natural hair. Plus, they look cool and very fresh no matter what style of cornrows you decide to go for. A very interesting thing about cornrows is the fact that they have one of the longest histories of all types of hairstyles. We have put together a list of gorgeous cornrows men hairstyles that you can try. We also have some great tips and tricks on how to take care of your cornrows, so make sure to read all the way through!

Jumbo Cornrows Men Style 

This is the perfect hairstyle to go for if you want your cornrows to be the focus of your entire appearance. In fact, here is the rule of thumb. The bigger or thicker the cornrows, the more they will stand out and be appreciated by everyone around you. Large or thick cornrows can also be called jumbo braids. This is also term you can use to communicate to your stylist what type of braids you want to get.  

Tip – jumbo cornrows men style is perfect if you have an energetic lifestyle or if you are always on the run. The reason is that they are very low maintenance and will save you a lot of time and energy in terms of styling.


Dual Color Cornrows Men Style 

If you already have cornrows or if you are simply looking for a way to update your look, adding a touch of color to your hairstyle it’s the perfect way to do that. This particular type of cornrows it’s interesting because of two reasons.  

First of all because the cornrows in themselves are different lengths and types. You have pencil braids in the middle which are very fine and slim. But you also have a beautiful set of jumbo braids on the sides. Not only that, but the hair in itself has been treated to some wonderful classic blonde highlights. This is what gives it a beautiful Dalmatian effect that you are sure to enjoy.

Cornrows and Braids 

If you want to get creative with your hairstyle, you can also combine cornrows men ideas with classic three strand braids. The result is absolutely spectacular. Place the three strand braids on either side of your head to act as a frame. In between the two big braids, allow the cornrows to decorate your scalp in a spectacular fashion. The mini braids will be eye catching and decorative, but make sure not to braid them too tightly. 

Infinity Cornrows Men 

One of the most amazing things about cornrows men is the fact that you can get as creative as you want with this beautiful hairstyle. Of course, you can keep it very traditional and classic if this is what you like best, but why not give your creativity and imagination a chance? These, for example, are infinity cornrows men. They are called this way because of the beautiful patterns in the middle that resemble infinity signs. These two gorgeous infinity marks are bordered by thick jumbo braids that act as a frame to the design. 

Loose Cornrows with Man Bun 

Do you remember the infamous man bun of the middle of the 2010s? If you were fond of that particular hairstyle for men, you will be happy to learn that now you can pair it with cornrows men hairstyles. This is a beautiful example that comprises loose cornrows as well as a very big but relaxed man bun. However, you should be aware that your hair needs to be medium to long in terms of length if you want to go for this particular hairstyle. Still, if you absolutely adore this look and you simply cannot wait for your hair to grow, there is something you can do. Get extensions! In this way, you can have cornrows men hairstyles with a beautiful man bun as soon as tomorrow. 

Viking Cornrows Men 

The Viking people who lived in the Scandinavian region of Europe in medieval times loved the practice of braiding both their hair and beards. It is worthy of noting that braiding was common for both men and women with the Vikings. As was the practice of decorating their braids with small pieces of jewelry made of gold and other precious metals as well as bone, beads, and gemstones. If you want to recreate Viking cornrows that these fierce warriors used to wear 1000 years ago, it will be a fantastic aesthetic that will surely be appreciated in all your Instagram posts.

A$AP Rocky Cornrows Men 

If you want a little celebrity inspiration when it comes to cornrows men hairstyles, why not go for none other than rapper an actor A$AP Rocky? He has a very particular way of wearing his cornrows which has become iconic in the past few years. So much so that when men visit their hair styling salons, they actually ask for the A$AP Rocky. Make sure to match the rest of your outfit and accessories to this modern and cool hairstyle. For that, you can also take inspiration from this amazing looking celebrity, who has been the face of many brands, including Dior Men. 

What Are Cornrows Men? 

Before you can head out to your favorite hairstyle salon, it’s very important to define and understand cornrows for what they are. Most often then not, people mistake cornrows for braids or even appropriate this hairstyle that has actually been around for thousands of years. So what are cornrows men? 

Cornrows are also called cane rows or even boxer braids. All of these terms have now come to be used interchangeably and most people seem to think that they mean the same thing. In a sense, that is true. In recent years all of these hair styling terms have been given the exact same connotation, which does mean that they have the same sense. As a result, we can define all of them as follows. 

Corn rows are a hairstyle consisting of a series of very flat plaits that someone will braid extremely closely to your scalp. According to some sources, corn rows have their origins in the Caribbean or in Africa. However, it is safe to say that this hairstyle has been used by many different cultures around the world at the same time for thousands of years. As a result, appropriation of this particular hairstyle is not exactly possible.  

These types of plaits or braids have received the name corn rows because they are thought to look exactly as their name suggests. They look just like rows of corn or cane.

How to Take Care of Cornrows 

One thing is absolutely sure. Getting your hair braided or turned into cornrows is not cheap at all. As a result, when you opt for his hairstyle, you will want it to last for at least a month. But, in reality, it will only take two weeks for your roots to start growing and getting a little bit old. And for the braids in themselves to have flyaways and get a bit frizzy.  

Not only that, but in that time your scalp will get dirty and flaky, and you may even develop build up around the edges. We don’t have to tell you this is not a sight you will want to be looking at. So here are some tips and tricks on how to take care of cornrows men hairstyles. 

  • Always moisturize your scalp 

The most important thing you need to do before you get your cornrows men installed is this. Wash your hair as best as you can and moisturize it deeply. This means that you have to sprinkle a moisturizing agent between the hair strands or cornrows and not on the braids themselves. In this way, you can use your fingertips to rub in the moisturizing agent until it settles into your scalp. As a result, this process will make sure your scalp will not dry out and be flaky. If you prefer it, you can also use a leave in conditioner in the same way between the cornrows. 

  • Use oil on your cornrows men hairstyles 

When we say oil, please understand that we always mean natural oils. Examples include castor, peppermint, or coconut oil. You can use them as they are or you can make yourself a little solution by mixing the oil with the carrier agent such as floral water. Apply this solution to your cornrows to keep them moisturized. However, make sure to apply as lightly as possible if you know that your scalp is already very greasy or oily. In this way, you avoid any possible build up.

  • Remove as much flakes from your scalp as possible 

We don’t need to tell you that a flaky scalp is extremely unaesthetic. Not only that, but the flaky scalp will also damage your cornrows. All the little dandruff flakes that you can see will descend from your scalp and get caught in your strands of hair, making it almost impossible to remove from your braids. As a result, you need to do your best to remove them while they’re still on your scalp. Try to use a wet towel and hair mousse to do so. Gently rub in the hair mousse and always go in the direction of your cornrows.

  • Protect your cornrows men while you sleep 

You can achieve this very easily if you use a satin pillowcase or a satin scarf wrapped around your head. You should never use cotton pillowcases while you sleep. The reason is that, unlike silk, cotton sheds a lot more lint which gets caught in your hair and produces a great quantity of build up. On the other hand, silk has almost no residue and is far better for your hair and scalp. Not only that, but as a bonus, you will also notice that silk pillowcases are also better for your skin, helping you with pimples and acne if you have them.

Cornrows Men Hairstyles FAQs 

If you’re new to the world of cornrows for men, we are sure that you have some questions that require helpful answers. So here is a list that we hope will benefit you on your hair journey. 

  • How long can you keep cornrows in? 

It depends on the type of hair you have. If we are talking about natural African American hair, you can keep your cornrows men hairstyles in for up to 8 weeks. The reason being that this type of hair is much more durable and stronger then other types. However, if you have Caucasian or Asian hair, stylists advise that you do not keep your cornrows in for longer than four to six weeks.

  • Do cornrows men ruin hair? 

No, they do not. Quite the opposite. Cornrows are considered to be a protective hairstyle. The majority of both men and women choose to wear cornrows to protect their natural hair against damage caused by weather, pollution, and day to day wear. However, you might have a bad experience if your cornrows have not been installed correctly. In this case, they might be too tight, pull at your scalp and even break away your natural hair.

  • How much do cornrows cost? 

It all depends on the type of cornrows you want to get, how long your hair is, if you also want extensions, and what kind of design or pattern you want the cornrows to be in. It will also depend on the stylist or salon you choose to visit to get your cornrows installed. On average, a stylist charges somewhere between $50 and $100 to install a classic set of cornrows. 


What’s the Conclusion? 

Now that you have seen the latest and coolest types of cornrows men hairstyles, let us know in the comment section below how you feel about this gorgeous hair styling choice. Are you ready get your own set of cornrows and if so what type are you going get? Or have you already gotten cornrows? If so let us know below in the comment section everything about your wonderful experience!

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