38 Bryce Harper Haircut Ideas that Will Make You Run to the Barber

The Bryce Harper haircut has now become so famous that we could honestly say we don’t know who is talked about more. The baseball player himself or his haircut. Bryce Harper has become a bit of a style icon since his debut in 2010 as the first overall pick in the MLB Draft and has had quite a number of cool haircuts to be proud of.

And that’s exactly what we’re here to list. All the cool Bryce Harper haircut ideas that you can try for yourself. Alongside with his equally famous beard, let’s take a look at all the different haircuts this internationally famous athlete has had over the years and use them as inspiration!


Who Is Bryce Harper?

Let’s start off with a little background on the athlete himself. Bryce is a very famous American baseball player that is currently batting for the Philadelphia Phillies. But he has also activated for the Washington Nationals between 2012 and 2018.

He has won multiple awards already, despite being so young. They include Most Valuable Player in 2015, National League Rookie of the Year in 2012, the Silver Slugger Award in 2015, the Golden Spiked Award in 2010, the SWAC Player of the Year in 2010, and many more.

Another personal record is the fact that he has become the first ever player in the history of the National League of American baseball to have hit five home runs all during opening games. He did so before reaching the age of 25.

Bryce Harper Hair Products

His hairstyles have now become so famous that he was even asked to endorse a barbershop. It’s called the Blind Barber and they have named one of their products after the baseball player.

The Bryce Harper Hair Clay can be seen on their website. It’s a product with a matte finish and a strong hold according to the brand that makes it. Apart from that, it’s water-based. This means that the clay does not have any oil, grease or wax in it. As a result, it will be super easy to wash off, not leaving any residue in your hair. Plus, it’s supposed to smell like coconut!

The Bryce Harper Hair Video

As if Bryce Harper and his hair weren’t famous enough, he was also the subject of a major controversy back in 2018. It all started when the athlete’s brother, Bryan Harper, posted a very short video on Instagram in which he seemed to film the baseball player styling his hair with not one but two hair dryers.

This was supposed to mean that the two hair dryers were the secret to his incredibly good looking hair. The video garnered a lot of attention and made Bryce Harper even more approachable.

However, it was soon discovered that the clip was fake. In fact, it was just a teaser, part of an actual commercial for the new brand of hair styling products that Bryce Harper had invested in and which we have detailed above.

Either way, the clip went viral. In only three short days it had almost one million views, not to mention all the people who actually visited the Blind Barber website to see and, possibly, buy the products.

Cool Bryce Harper Haircut Ideas

Now that we have all the info we need on this amazing athlete and his hair styling products, let’s take a closer look at his actual hairstyles over the years.

The Messy Pompadour

As you might have imagined, this hairstyle is a modern take on the very traditional pompadour. Having such an amazing head of hair, Bryce Harper can easily pull it off and so can you.

The reason why it’s messy is because you can clearly see the comb marks in the pomp in the front. Apart from that, the shorter strands of hair are very loose and almost pulling away from the entire structure of the hairdo.

That, of course, does not happen in a classic pompadour which is always so tight and neat. You can achieve the messy effect by using traditional pomade, either shiny or matte. Juts be careful if you choose the shiny kind. It’s usually oil-based, which means it will be much more difficult to wash off.

Bryce Harper Haircut Fauxhawk

Yes, Bryce Harper has such amazing hair that he can even pull off a fauxhawk. Of course, this modern hairstyle comes in many shapes and sizes. But the one the baseball player has chosen to go for is a set of long spikes coupled with a taper fade on the sides and in the back.

The haircut is very reminiscent of the traditional Mohawk but without having to actually shave the sides of his head. Let’s just say it’s the next best thing. Although we’re sure Bryce Harper would look just as good in a classic Mohawk as well!

If you want to copy this look, you will need to learn how to construct the hawk first. Then choose a high-quality product such as pomade or clay that can hold your hair up. We always advise against gel or hair spray because they dry the hair and are highly flammable.

Bryce Harper Haircut Slick Back

The slick back has been the object of a major comeback in the past few years. Therefore, it was only natural that Bryce Harper would try it on as well. And it was a good thing that he did because he looks absolutely spectacular wearing it. Somehow, the baseball player manages to keep his mane looking luscious and perfect even when he takes off his helmet.

Bryce has matched his slick back with a simple taper, which you can copy as well. Plus, if you’re interested in learning more about the slick back haircut, we’ve written an entire piece about it. So go check it out!

Bryce Harper Haircut with Bangs

Maybe this one is not as spectacular as the hairstyles he has adopted in the past few years, but it is still worth mentioning. There was a time in his life when Bryce Harper used to wear bangs. And not just any type of bangs, but an actual swoop. You can think of this haircut as a more mature Justin Bieber.

We love the fact that he paired this boyish hairstyle with a well-trimmed beard mainly because it made it look a little more mature and rugged. If you want to copy this look, you should know the swoop is fit mostly for teenage boys or college students.

Bryce Harper Short Haircut

When it comes to all the looks Bryce Harper has worn over the years, this is the simplest one of all. This is a short, boyish haircut, one step away from a buzz cut, with a handful of messy spikes at the front.

If it looks familiar, that’s because it is. The haircut has a definite late 90s or early 2000s vibe to it. It might also look familiar to you if you were a teenage boy during those years because this is the haircut everyone was wearing at that time. And we have to admit, it’s nice to see a huge celebrity like Bryce Harper sport such a classic and easy hairstyle.

Because that’s what this is – easy. You can definitely copy this look whenever you want. All you have to do is get a short crop but be careful to leave the top a little longer so that you can create the spikes. Use shiny pomade and run your fingers through you hair to make the spikes magically appear. You’ll be instantly transported back to the beginning of the 2000s!

Asymmetrical Bryce Harper Haircut

This might be one of the coolest haircuts Bryce Harper has every worn. It was definitely a risk trying it on as it will be for you if you have the courage to get it. But we’re quite sure you won’t regret it!

This hairstyle starts with medium length hair. Therefore, you must wait until your hair reaches your shoulders or, at least, your jawline all over. Then you can proceed to shave one side of your head. An alternative would be to get a buzz cut, which is exactly what Bryce Harper did.

Use plenty of shiny pomade to slick your locks back and away from your forehead and general visage. If you want to copy your idol even further, you can grow a beard that matches his. Take a look at the article we’ve written on the coolest beard styles you can wear this year. Scroll through the list and see which one would fit you best.

Undercut Sides with Feathery Top

This is yet another winner look that made Bryce Harper the styling icon he is today. The hairstyle is comprised of an undercut on the sides and in the back as well as a longer top. He, of course, has slicked it back using a lot of shiny pomade.

But what’s interesting to us here is that the top portion of this haircut is also very layered and feathery. In fact, you can actually see the fresh layers sitting on top of his head, as well as the shorter strands falling carelessly on his forehead. It makes for a very casual yet sexy look as he prances on the field. Copy this haircut if you want a cool hairstyle that’s also easy to maintain and doesn’t require so much product being used every single day.

Bryce Harper Haircut with a Side Part

Leave it to Bryce Harper to look as smooth and elegant as one could be while playing a baseball game. You didn’t think that was possible? Of course it is! Just take a look at his perfectly coiffed hair in this picture.

Bryce is wearing a short and classic haircut with a side part and a slick back. It’s what you could have easily spotted in the likes of Clark Gable in the 30s. However, since this is the end of the 2010 decade, of course Bryce had to add a modern element to his haircut. Therefore, you will notice that one side of the haircut actually consists of an undercut.

This will be a very important element if you want to try this hairstyle as well. Otherwise, without the undercut on one side, it might look a little too retro.

The High Slick Back Haircut

Two things are certain when it comes to Bryce Harper. One – he is a fantastic baseball player. And two – he surely loves his slick back hair. This, for instance, is a version of the way he normally wears a slick back. It’s a lot higher and has much more volume than traditional slick backs.

In fact, his version of the hairstyle almost resembles a pompadour in height and volume, but without actually being one. There is no visible pomp at the front. It’s a simple slick back. The hairstyle also consists of a low taper fade that gently hugs the line of his ears.

We also have to give a shout out to his impeccably groomed beard. This combination, with the very high slick back haircut, makes his face look more elongated and a lot slimmer than it already is. It also emphasizes his cheekbones.

This is a cool trick to learn. If you have a round face that doesn’t have a lot of definition or if you feel like you could use a little slimming down for your selfies, go ahead a try this combo. The high slick back will make you look taller and you face skinnier while the beard will accentuate your jawline, making it more defined. It will also hide a double chin if you have one.

What about you?

There is no shortage of Bryce Harper haircut ideas, that’s for sure. But which one did you like the most? Whether you’re a fan of his earlier looks when he sported a teenage swoop with bangs or classic gelled spikes or whether you like his latest styles with undercuts, taper fades, and slick backs, the Bryce Harper look book has a little something for everyone. That’s why he’s such a major styling icon!

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