85 Black Boys Haircuts for Cool Guys Perfect for 2021

Stop your searching right here because we have put together the best and most complete guide for black boys haircuts. This is where you will find every black young boys ultimate guide to beautiful African American hairstyles that are nothing short of perfection. 

The guide that we have compiled for black boys haircuts is aimed both at owners of this gorgeous type of hair but also at parents who want to know more details about your child’s hair. How to take care of it, how to style it, and brand new ideas that are appropriate for school but that also keep your little one feeling satisfied and cool. let’s get started!


Types of African American Hair 

The first thing we need to do before we can actually delve into black boys haircuts is to find out some details about the different types of African American hair. The main reason for this is the fact that deciding which haircut is best for you or your child will depend greatly on the type of hair or texture you have.  

On average, African American hair can be described as having different types of textures. We can classify these textures into three main categories. However, there are some stylists who also further subcategorize these three main types into other various textures. This is an important piece of information because on some occasions African American hair can actually be a combination of these types. Still, to keep it as simple as possible here is how we will classify African American hair.

  • Kinky hair 

By definition and when it comes to black boys haircuts, kinky hair represents very small and tight curls. We can describe it as having a somewhat frizzy look, even though it can be tamed if one uses the appropriate hair styling product and techniques. Stylists classify kinky hair as being the texture which is the most difficult to work with as well as the most difficult to maintain. You should also know that kinky hair also needs very regular care.  

When it comes to black boys haircuts, stylists recommend that kinky hair should be worn in very short haircuts. Or that it should be styled into beautiful waves. This might be the easiest way to wear it and to maintain it yourself every single day.  

If you are the parent of a child who has kinky hair, you will soon find out that a short haircut or waves will be the simplest way to deal with kinky hair on a daily basis. Keep in mind that kinky hair will need conditioning and moisturizing a few times a week. 

  • Black boys haircuts for curly hair 

The second type of African American hair texture most commonly found is curly. As opposed to kinky hair, curly hair also has ringlets in it which are somewhat looser than the kinks. At the same time, there is also a difference between the two types of textures when it comes to maintenance and hair care. 

African American curly hair tends to be more on the bouncy side. This is what makes it a lot easier to manage than kinky hair. As a result, when talking about black boys haircuts, you can go for braids or corn rows if you or your child have curly hair.  

This type of African American hair also takes oil and conditioning hair care products a lot better than kinky hair. This also means that you will be able to control it much better as well as the fact that the hair in itself applies better to gradient cuts.

  • Wavy hair 

The third basic type of African American hair is wavy. As opposed to the other types that we have already detailed, this texture still has curls or ringlets in it, but they are much looser than the other two. As a result, the hair can be heavier and much denser. This is what you need to keep in mind when you choose black boys haircuts.  

With regards to wavy hair texture for African American boys, the hair will stick a lot closer to the scalp seeing as it tends to coagulate more. On the other hand, it is a lot easier to style and to maintain than any of the other types and textures of black hair. This should make it very easy for you to choose black boys haircuts. Wavy hair is very versatile and you should get your pic of hairstyles that can accompany it.

How to Take Care of African American Boys Hair

Black boys haircuts are only the first step when it comes to your style and looks. Taking care of this type of hair will surely have your work cut out for you. However, we have a few simple tips and tricks that will help you out.

  • Always use a pre shampoo 

What is this hair care product? Chances are that if you are not familiar with black boys haircuts, you also don’t know what a pre shampoo is. This product is a type of conditioner which also has essential oils meant to moisturize the hair mixed in it. You can buy this hair care product or you can make it yourself right at home. As the name suggests, you must apply your pre shampoo right before going into the shower. Allow it to work for a few minutes. Then wash it off as you normally do with your regular shampoo.

  • Use the right shampoo for black boys haircuts 

As opposed to popular belief, simply going to the drugstore and picking up any shampoo off the shelf is not going to do the job. Especially if you have African American hair and are planning to take care of your black boys haircuts. It is absolutely crucial that you use the right shampoo made for your hair type.  

This also becomes an important step in your hygiene and hair care routine if you have a child with African American hair. Make sure you buy them the proper shampoo for their hair and scalp. They should be as moisturizing as possible and they should not contain any sulfates. These chemical compounds make the hair frizzy and dry it out.

  • Condition your hair as much as you can 

This means that you have to use a conditioner on your African American hair every single time you take a shower. Conditioner helps to lock in hydration and moisture, which is something that you definitely need for your hair texture. Apart from that, it will keep your hair looking sleek and very beautiful.

  • Use hair masks and serums 

This is what we call deep conditioning and it should also be a part of your hair care routine if you are wearing black boys haircuts. Don’t confuse deep conditioning with regular conditioning. The latter is just something you need to do every time you shower, as we have shown above.  

Deep conditioning is a process that needs to happen once every two weeks or once per month. In the past, deep conditioning was only available at salons or barber shops seeing as the hair care products needed in the process we’re not sold at the drugstore. But today things have changed drastically and you can buy deep conditioning packs almost everywhere. 

As a result, this fantastic procedure has become very easy to perform for everyone. Buy yourself a deep conditioning pack and use it once every two weeks. Please keep in mind that you should not shampoo the products off, but simply rinse them away.

  • Use hair butter for kinky hair 

Hair butter or hair serums are hair care products you can use to moisturize your locks deeply after you have washed them. They’re made specifically for black boys haircuts with kinky hair. And they will help you immensely to tame down your mane and make it easier to work with. Hair serums are very protective and act as a layer that sits on top of the hair. They protect it against pollution in the air outside as well as from the heat you use when you style your hair. which brings us to this.

  • Do not over style black boys haircuts 

Since all of these haircuts are intended for children and teenagers, please avoid styling and over styling. Any hairstyle or updo that requires you to put your child’s hair into a tight bun, tight braids, or any other such hairstyles should be avoided. We also advise you to stay away from chemical exposure as well as from styling your kid’s hair with high heat tools. This can ruin the texture and quality of their hair forever.

The Best Black Boys Haircuts 

Now that you know everything you need to know about caring and maintaining for your African American hair, let’s dive right into the best and coolest black boys haircuts ideas.

Short tapered fade 

This is a particularly cute hairstyle with a fade right at the front and short to medium length on top. What sets it apart from other types of black boys haircuts is the back or the nape of the head. The hair on this part of the hairstyle should always be thicker than the one in the front. As the consequence, this means that you need to use two different guards to cut these parts of the haircut. Still, the difference between the two guards can never be made more than the two sizes. 

In terms of hair styling products, you can use a small amount of wax or moose. But the best way to wear this black boys haircut is to simply let the curly hair hang naturally. Don’t forget that this is a hairstyle meant for boys. As a result, it is not very healthy to use a lot of hair styling products in their hair.

Black boys haircuts – the buzz cut 

You can never go wrong with a buzz cut, no matter what type or texture of hair you might have. The buzz cut is an absolutely classic black boys haircut that is extremely easy to maintain. Not to mention how low budget it can be. As a result, if you are a parent and need to pinch a few pennies, this is definitely the haircut to go for. 

The buzz cut is a very generic hairstyle, which you can also find under different versions such as the crew cut or the induction cut. The difference between these versions is the length of hair which is usually just a few inches. Seeing how effortless and cute this hairstyle is, we are quite sure your little bundle of joy will absolutely adore it.

High fade haircut with spikes 

The last few years have seen an absolute boom for the hairstyle that we call a fade. It has become the most loved haircut in the world. It has a few basic versions out of which the high fade is the most drastic one. The high fade starts right at level with the eyebrows and continues all the way toward the back of the head. As you can imagine, it will shave off quite a bit of the hair, taking away all of its volume with it. 

This particular idea for black boys haircuts also includes a set of theatrical spikes on top. Therefore, seeing as this is a very dramatic hairstyle, it might not be appropriate for school. The best thing to do is to check with your child’s school and see if they allow this particular hairstyle before deciding on it. 

The disconnected undercut 

When it comes to black boys haircuts, you cannot go wrong with a disconnected undercut. It’s simply a win-win hairstyle. In the sense that it’s will surely be a good choice for you as a parent but it will also please your little boy or teenage son. Seeing as it’s such a cool haircut that is super on trend right now, this will surely please both of you. 

The disconnected undercut is also a very practical option seeing as we are talking about teenagers after all. The hair on top will stand very naturally and will be able to follow its organic growth pattern. The haircut doesn’t require a lot of maintenance, which means that you won’t have to break the bank or your budget to be able to keep up with your son’s needs.  

Black boys haircuts – the blurry fade 

The name of this particular hairstyle is very self explanatory. But if you need a few more details we completely understand. So here they are. Blurry fades as a hairstyle are comprised of a super high skin fade and a very short crop on top. It’s a very special haircut meant for super stylish kids that you can choose as a parent for any single age group you want. We guarantee they will all love it. 

We recommend you select the blurry fade for the hot season. Seeing as it has such a high skin fade and a super short crop on top, it will keep your little boy nice and cool during the hot summer months. Apart from that, it’s a very practical haircut that you can maintain yourself at home if you have a pair of Clippers. 

The curly high top fade 

As the name suggests, this particular idea for black boys haircuts includes a high top fade and curly hair. The best thing about it is that it allows your son’s curly hair to shine through in a natural and gorgeous way. As a result, you get the best of both worlds. A practical and low budget hairstyle, but also one that showcases your son’s beautiful hair texture. 

It is very similar to a box fade, as you might have already noticed if we are talking about black boys haircuts. However, the high top fade follows a more freestyle. Also, the styling for this haircut in itself is quite different. It is far less simple than a box fade. At the same time, you will not find all your son’s hair boxed in one place. As a result, it’s a light and playful hairstyle that your son will adore. 

Black boys haircuts – the textured hairstyle 

If you’re not exactly sure what haircut you should choose for your son, we’ve got you covered as well. Here’s an idea. Why not try a textured hairstyle? This concept is for all parents who can’t really decide what they should go for. The reason is that it combines different versions of haircuts. At the same time, it allows you to layer multiple textures so that you can layer a lot of different stylish looks. Apart from that, the hairstyle respects your child’s natural hair flow. This is always something you should strive for. 

What About You? 

Let us know in the comment section below what are your favorite black boys haircuts. Do you favor traditional hairstyles that have already been tried and tested? Or are you on the rebel side and love to try modern hairstyles that are a bit edgier? We would love to hear from you so let us know all about your experiences when it comes to black boys haircuts!

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