40 Haircuts for Teenage Boys

As kids mature into an adult, they tend to take the experiences and trends they met in their formative years along with them. One of the best gifts you can give your teenager son is a classic. Kids are always in competition with one another, and they’ll seize every opportunity to prove their mettle before peers.

A classic yet simple hairstyle has a way of boosting their self-esteem. In decades to come when they’ll take a look at the pictures of their childhood years, they will be thankful for the fashionable gift you handed them.

As they mature into teenagers, their tastes tend to change. Is your hair overgrown and you are at a loss on the best style to ask of the barber? Then, take a tour through our collections, as we have the best haircut for teenage boys.

  • Short Cut

Based on their young age, it will be a good idea to give them a haircut that will be suitable for their age. The short cut is the best way to approach this. Instruct the barber to cut down the length and leave more strands at the top. This style not only offers a clean cut but also brings out the facial appearance.

  • The Spikes

This might look like the messy haircut that most celebrities flash through our eyes. On the contrary, it is a nice haircut that is not in any way tattered. Consider getting this style done. If you are blessed with enough volume at the top, ask the barber to keep the top longer and the sides should get the taper fade.

  • Side Part

Despite the fact that you are in high school, there are still some childhood pranks you tend to display. Do you recall those moments during your childhood when you refuse to leave the barber’s shop until a razor line takes a place at the side of your hair? That moment still comes back in your teenage years. The best time to bring it to the fore is when you want to take a haircut. The side part looks good on teenager boys. So, consider getting one.

  • Ronaldo-Inspired Haircut

One thing that cannot be taken away from teenagers is their love for stardom and adoration for celebrities. The football legend, Christiano Ronaldo has many signature haircuts and you pick on and inspire your barber with it.

  • Mohawk

This is literally the style for “bad boys” and your parents might raise an eyebrow when your spot one. Mohawk haircut is ideal for teenagers who love adventure. Perhaps, you like the stares thrown at you when you take a walk, and the thumbs up you get whenever you wear a new hairstyle. If this is what you want, inspire your barber with this style and get started.

  • Spiky hair with layers

With the integration of the layers, the spiky haircut brings a whole new deal to the table. First, you will retain enough strands. Second and most importantly, you have a wide range of options such as propping it up or pulling over to the sides.

  • Faux + Mohawk

The style we have here is the actual depiction of what goes through the mind of every youngster – adventure. They like to explore and make new discoveries. It is therefore not a surprise that an average teenager will choose a combination of the Faux and Mohawk hairstyles to “quench his thirst” for an intriguing haircut

  • Long Curls

This is exclusive to boys that are blessed with enough strands. Because they are seemingly the only competitor in the field, they seize every opportunity to dominate their peers with their long locks. Consider grooming your hair for some months before taking a swipe at this hairstyle.

  • High Fade + Spiky Texture

A textured hairstyle makes many positive impressions. You will spend little time in styling it and occasional visits to the barber. To achieve this cut, apply high fades at the sides in order to get a clean cut. For the top, leave enough strands, and with a good styling product, run your hands through your hair to get the desired texture.

Slick Back

Talk about confidence and the desire to shoot for the best. The slicked-back hairstyle is one of the many haircuts that you can get your hands on and create a dignified look. The secret to pulling this off is to maintain enough strands at the top, tapers at the sides, and weave back in a single line.

Middle Part

The side part is not the only way to create a dignified look in your hair. With the massive adoption of the middle part, you can get one done in real-time. The good side to this is that it requires little effort, and you won’t have to break the bank to maintain it.

Comb Over

Perhaps, you have enough hair and you are looking for a way to keep them on the low. The good news is that the comb-over lets you style the volume at the top accordingly. To pull this off, maintain a neat cut at the top, and apply the comb lines.

Ivy League

This was once the traditional haircut for students. Now, it has become a mainstream hairstyle and is accessible to everyone. Whether you are in high school or you are getting ready for the university, the Ivy League is one of the hairstyles you can spot and look good.

Messy Haircut

This is for the courageous teenager that is ready to endure the snares that accrue to his choice of haircut. Beyond this, it is a classy cut that has found a place in many industries. So, if you want things to get “messy”, consider getting this cut, and set tongues wagging.


The bangs haircut has been around for years and is a choice pick among entertainers. The style features some volume from the top dropping into the face. There is no doubt that it is an intriguing haircut that attracts attention.

Side Fringe + Drop Fade

The fringe is a disconnected haircut that calls for attention. Most times, people mistake it for the messy haircut. However, it is on a different league and normally demands a sweep to the sides. For this style, apply drop fade at the sides and finish by pulling the top strands to a corner.

  • The Quiff

This style is quite popular and can be modified for any style. This is yet another hairstyle that is confusing. It can style backward or take a position at the sides. Beyond this, it is a nice pick for teenage boys that want to make a fashion statement.


This might not pass for the exclusive haircuts for teenagers. It has been established that teenage hairstyles should be short and neat. However, the cornrows are not disqualified, as they are quite among boys. The style entails weaving the strands into separate braids and weaving them back.

Classic Pompadour

The pompadour hairstyle has been around for decades. Throughout this time, it has been evolving and the latest trend is a classic cut for teenage boys. It is likely to have undercuts at the sides. But if you don’t want this, apply low fade from the sides to the nape, and finish with a side part.


Undercut has been the one-stop haircut for men and boys. There is no need to weave it back. With the latest variations, it is easier for boys to cut short the back and sides of the head. A generous volume is left at the top. The undercut is one hairstyle you should consider getting, and there are many options to choose from.

Shaved Sides + Spikes

Try your hands at the spiky hair with shaved sides. If you do not like undercut at the sides, there is the option of cutting off the strands to the skin. The shaves are close to the ear and go the way around to the crown. You might consider leaving the top as a low fade or patterning it after the Mohawk hairstyle.

  • Bangs with Highlights

The bangs haircut can look fuller and more appealing with highlights. The highlights here imply leaving more details (more strands) in the hair. This is a decent look and you can choose to pull the extra strands to the front or part them to the sides.

  • Pomp Hawk

You are conversant with the pompadour and Mohawk hairstyles. But, do you have an idea about the Pomp Hawk? It is quite simple. It is a combination of the Pompadour and Mohawk hairstyles. With both hairstyles merged into one, there is gainsaying the fact that you will pull off a great look.

  • Crew Cut

This is one of the most decent hairstyles you can get out there. It is easy-to-style and the maintenance is quite simple. With a crew cut, you not only stand the chance of pulling off a nice look but also maintaining healthy hair.

  • High and Tight

This is similar to the crew cut and shares some features with it. On the flip side, it usually entails volume at the top and short lengths at the back and sides. The style is decent and easy-to-style. The tapered sides and longer top draw attention, and as a teenager, you sure need the popularity. So, go for the high and tight and make your expectations come through.

Buzz Cut

Teenagers are movie lovers and there is a tendency that you have watched “Prison Break”. The lead character, Michael Scofield’s haircut is inspirational and a clear example of the buzz hairstyle. The unique feature of the cut is the decent look. All you have to do is to trim the top without leaving much or little hair – let it be of equal proportion.


This is all part of the adventure. You can make the most out of your long and wavy strands by styling it into a ponytail. This might take the shape of the man bun haircut or you simply weave back the top strands and tie a little way below the crown.

  • French Crop

Many teenagers will mistake this for the messy and fringe haircuts. Though the trio has semblance, the French crop sits comfortably at the middle of the head and props few strands forward. You can choose to apply fades to the sides before styling the upper strands of hair into tiny spikes.

  • Pompadour + Side Part

Reinvent your pompadour hairstyle with the side part. It is not an easy style but with the right skills, the barber can get it done in good time. To achieve this, apply a medium taper fade; leave enough length at the top, and apply the side part to finish the job.

  • Comb Over + Side Part

This unique hairstyle is a good way to hit the ground running. It will be a good idea to apply the taper fade with a pair of scissors, in order to avoid shaving the parts. Style the volume on top to the side, and get a razor line running at the other end.

Low Fade + Spiky Hair

The two haircuts can come together to create a dignified look. All you need to do is directing the barber to apply low fades at the sides and making the thick top to take the spiky form. By the time you will leave the chair, a gel is all you need to work your way through the thick hair.

Caesar Cut

Despite the fact that it looks appealing to the eyes, the Caesar haircut is not easy to come by. It can be as easy as covering the head with the same length and technical as covering areas which have sparse hair (if you are balding). No matter the technical approach, the hairstyle is stylish and you will be pleased with the outcome.

  • Short Afro

The Afro haircut is not just for the black race but a hairstyle that is in mass adoption by many people around the world. You can rock the short version to create a classy look. Fades adorn the sides and the top is left with some volume. This style is peculiar to teenagers with round and oval faces.

  • Induction Cut

This is similar to the buzz and military haircuts. On its part, the induction cut leaves you almost bald! But, not to worry! It is a good way to look cute without having much volume at the top. To achieve this, apply the razor setting on the clipper and shave the hair to the shortest length possible.

Faux Hawk

This style is unique and a good pick for teenagers. The sides are lower than the top but the style is still outstanding. After styling, use some hair gel to prop up the combed strands. You will certainly love this haircut.

Short Comb Over

If you do not want to have it long, there is an alternative to the comb-over haircut – the short version. This is quite easy to achieve. Tell the barber to leave some inch on the top and apply low fades at the sides.

  • Wavy Hair

If you are blessed with wavy strands, there is no way you won’t like this hairstyle. Curly hair makes a lot of impressions and with the right texture; you can pull off a nice look without breaking the bank. You can apply fades if you want (we recommend you do because they make the haircut look outstanding).

The Burr Cut

Teenagers would rather prefer a short haircut than taking up the induction cut. That is the gap that the burr cut fills for you. With this hairstyle, you will have more strands than what you get on the induction cut. So, if you want a short cut that does not leave anywhere close to being bald, the burr cut is the right pick.

Man Bun

This style might not be the conventional college boy look but it is not anywhere close to being bad. The man bun haircut entails styling the hair (both the top and sides) into a circle and securing it with a hair band. You can choose to make it tidy or messy. A full beard will also be ideal.

  • Textured Top

Closing the list is the textured top hairstyle. Getting the haircut is not the only way to rock it better. If it must be shiny all day, it is important to get a nice styling product to keep the texture in place.

Final Thoughts

Making the choice of a haircut for teenagers can be difficult. This is because of a number of reasons, which sometimes revolve morals. In our list of trendy teenage haircuts, we addressed this issue by providing hairstyles that are relevant, easy-to-style, and decent. If you have been at your wit’s end on the right haircut to style, make a choice from our list and come out of the barber’s shop with smiles.

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